Manually turn on & after X minutes turn off?


I have a Samsung aircon (ducted) and I’ve used Smart Things to set up some routines - these work really well.

Unfortunately my aircon doesn’t have a timer function so I’d like to set up some automations to plug this gap.

Im trying to create a manual run that turns on the aircon and after 30 minutes turns off the aircon.
It would be even better if the number of minutes could be customisable, however this is very much a nice to have and not necessary.

How can I do this in the Smart Things app?
If this isn’t possible in the app, could someone guide me on how else I could do this?

Hi @relishgrapefruitpeas

It can be done with a single routine, activating the option to turn off after x amount of time, but this timer cannot be reset once it is activated.

I would recommend you do 2 routines:

One to turn on the device or turn on manually

Another to turn it off when it is on for x minutes.
This timer stops if you manually turn off the device and starts again when you turn it on.

He mentioned he wanted the Routine to be a “manual run” Routine (i.e. a Scene). You don’t have the “Turn off after” option for manual run Routines for some odd reason. Your second suggestion is the way to go.

Another way to do it would be to use the Edge Counter Utility from @taustin to turn on a counter when the AC is turned on. Then have a second routine to check for the counter value and when it reaches the desired amount of time, turn off the AC and the counter. The counter can also be turned off manually which would negate the second Routine from executing.


I’ve given the second option a go. I think I will use the enable/disable function to turn the routine off when I don’t need it. So we would manually turn on the aircon and then enable the routine.

Yes, it would have solved the problem! They also don’t have the option in the scene (manual run) to control a device twice - e.g. manually run, turn on aircon then turn off aircon (delay 30 minutes).

I will check this out. Thank you!

I feel like we’re 90% there but there are limitations with the current app and so while the “timer” works, there are some inconveniences. :frowning:

Last night, when we went to bed, it was still quite warm so we decided to run the aircon on for 30 minutes. So we,

  1. Manually turned on the aircon
  2. Enabled the manual routine (to turn off the aircon after 30 minutes)
    The aircon automatically turned off after 30 minutes. Yay!

This morning, all the usual automations were running (e.g. if >31 degrees, for 10 minutes, turn on the air con). What we didn’t realise is that the aircon kept turning off after 30 minutes as the manual routine was still enabled.

The Edge Counter Utility that you shared @h0ckeysk8er looks perfect. However, I’m really confused - (I feel so stupid saying this) - I don’t think I have a hub? I will continue to read up on it nonetheless.


You can add one temperature <= X condition in the routine to turn off after 30 minutes


Thank you so much! This is such a clever workaround! :smiley:

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