Automatically set timer when switch pressed?

I’m new at this so looking for help: I’ve installed a tasmota-based wall switch that controls my ceiling fan (simple on-off, no speed control; eg its just like a light switch.) This is working fine for simple on/off.

I’d like to set up an automation such that when the switch is set to on, it automatically turns off after 60

Wasn’t clear to me as to what’s the most straightforward way to accomplish this. Would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction. TIA!

In the new app, go to your device and toggle the Timer. Set it to off after 60 minutes.

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Isn’t the timer a one time thing? Meaning the next time he turns on the light, the timer is disabled?

Wouldn’t smart lighting be a better choice?

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Don’t think this will do it; this is a one-time timer; I would like to have the timer run every time the switch goes on.

@jkp, any suggestions for how to do this with smart lighting? I took a look at smart lighting, but it seems to need a trigger; in my case, the switch itself is the trigger. Plus I don’t see a way to set a timer in smart lighting; I only see time of day.

I’m open to use the IDE if you can point me in the right direction.

I also use automations to do this. I’ll see if I can include the switch in the IF section as well as Then.

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Yes, sorry… I meant automation but smart lighting popped into my brain.

You can also set other conditions such as only during a set time range, etc.


Would Webcore help with this? (Sorry for the basic questions; as I said, I’m new at this.)

Yes, webcore could handle it

Webcore could handle it, but it’s overkill for this particular use case, which can be done a couple of different ways just using the official features. :sunglasses:

If you want to use this as a way of starting to learn how to use webcore, you certainly can, but you won’t need it for this.

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The Power Allowance trigger in Smart Lighting should work.


Thanks @HalD! That solved it!
(who would have thought that to set a timer, I needed to look under ‘Power allowance’? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Where is power allowance?
Not found in New App.

It’s part of smartlighting.

Tap on the three line icon in the upper left.

Choose “smart apps.“

Choose “smartlighting“

Choose “new Lighting automation“

Select the device you want to limit and say you want to turn it off.

Choose “select trigger.” One of the last choices will be power allowance.

Ya, is not there.
Strange, huh?

Did you scroll all the way down?

If it’s still not there, then, yes, that is odd. What country are you in?

Sure did.
Am in USA

Then I would definitely ask support, because it should be there. :thinking:

I’ll bet it’s another Android vs IOS app difference - my Android stops at “Illumination” and @jdroberts screen shot shows “Illuminance” not Illumination…

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Can you confirm that under ‘What do you want to do?’ you chose Turn Off? It is very much there on my Android app.