Automatic shut off after x minutes

Hi, I have had Smartthings for a little over a year now and I love it.
I was hoping someone may be able to tell me how to set something up in Smartthings.
I just learned how to do device handlers so I am not really too good on complex stuff.

I do sandblasting and my sand is reclaimed in a cyclone dust collector and I turn a ball valve to drain the sand into a bucket. I use Alexa to set a timer for 5 minutes then when I hear the timer I walk over and close the valve. If (when) I forget the sand over fills my bucket and makes a big mess.
I would like to buy a Motor driven ball valve and plug it into a smart switch and tell Alexa to turn on ball valve.
So my question is…is there a way to have Alexa turn on the ball valve (switch) and then shut off after a set amount of time?
I looked in the App but cannot find anything.

Thank you,

Sure. Just use the App, available in the SmartThings Market Place, “Smart Lighting” and use the Power Allowance Exceeded Section for Turn Off after this number of minutes.

This works great if that is all you are using the switch for. If you want it to be just under certain conditions then it gets a little more complex. Smart Lighting is limited in the amount of restrictions that are available. If you really want freedom to do whatever you like then I would suggest getting into webCoRE. It looks complicated but it really is easy.


I looked and looked and couldn’t figure it out before.
I tested it on a lamp and it works great.
Thank you again.