Turn switch off for specified time after manually turned on

Ok, I readily admit I am a rookie to all this. But here is what I want to do.
I have a circulating pump I have put on a switch. Of course it is easy to turn it on and off at specified times. But what I want to be able to do is to turn the switch on manually, and then have it turn off automatically after say 15 minutes. I noticed in similar posts about a ventilation fan that an app call “power management” might do this… but I can’t find it.
Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks.

If you have the classic app, it’s not a separate app, it’s just a restriction you can set in a smart lighting automation.

You choose the pump switch to begin and you say you want it to turn off and then you use “power allowance” to determine how long it’s allowed to stay on before it gets shut off again.

If you want to do this part of the time, but other times you want it to turn on and stay on until you turn it off again, you can create a virtual timer for it. There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki. Again this assumes that you are using the SmartThings classic app.


I don’t know if there are similar features in the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” app.

Ah-ha! Thanks, did exactly what I wanted!!!

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