Making an Edge device recognized as Smart Speaker

Does anyone know the secret sauce to defining a profile for an Edge device that would allow the device to be recognized by SmartThings as a smart speaker?

For example, when you are building automations and you choose Notify someone as an action, one of the options presented (but greyed-out for me) is Play message on speaker.

I have created an Edge device with speechSynthesis capability and used a profile category of ‘NetworkAudio’, but it doesn’t seem to be recognized for this purpose.

Every mobile phone should be able to do speechSynthesis. Why SmartThings doesn’t do that?

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I guess I should have waited to post above, I just figured it out: you need the audioNotification capability defined in the device. Makes sense…

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hi sounds great would this work with google smart speakers (home mini etc) i have a couple of google home mini’s and dont mind being a guineapig.

I’m guessing you’ll probably be using your Edge Bridge Server as the speaker target for this very interesting effort?