Hub v2 Siren Lost

I converted to Hub 2 and lost two devices. They will not link to the system. One is the GE ZWave Paddle switch and the other is the Utilitech Siren. Both worked without error before the conversion. The other GE ZWave Paddle switch did bond.

Has anyone connected a Utilitech Siren to a ver 2 Hub, and if so, what were the sequence of steps you used? Any help appreciated. Thanks. Dan

Do this to both 1 at a time

@danfelix, yes I did 2 without a problem. Make sure to exclude them first, and then re-include them to the hub. Via the app and zwave utilities, do a general exclude and then include it back. The include/exclude button is in between the 2 rows of batteries, so press that once the exclude process kicks off.

The default zwave siren will be what’s found, and that will work, but I prefer my own device type for added capabilities and look/feel.

Thanks gentlemen. Will give it a go.

The suggestions worked. My error was that I did not exclude from the app, I used the IDE. I did not even know about the exclude from the app. Also, the exclude feature uses the term General. At first I thought that would exclude everything but until you try it, you realize it only excludes the device you trigger. In all cases, it worked and it worked for a paddle switch that I had erroneously concluded was broken.

The siren is linked but does not get triggered by any system breaches, even though the system says it triggered the alarm. Another puzzle to figure out.

Anyway, thanks, guys, for the help. Keep up the good work. - Dan

@danfelix, cool, glad to hear that news. I bet I know why the siren won’t trigger. It’s because (I think) certain commands are not there yet in ST default device type - Zwave Siren. You can try my device type if you want. It should help:

What it looks like when inactive:

Link to the code to copy/paste:

Hi @danfelix, I saw your reply in the other discussion regarding this siren about how to go about implementing a community developed device type. I decided to reply here instead to keep this one going for you. It’s really quite easy, and if you’re wanting to get even more out of ST, then I think you should give this a shot. Since you already use the IDE, you’re in great shape to get this done.

At the bottom of this reply is an excellent link to an FAQ that has a lot more info about community developed device types and apps, but to save you time I’ve summarized the steps for you: (I recommend having a separate browser tab opened for the github code you’ll need and the IDE)

  1. Get into the IDE. Once logged in, click on “My Device Types” from along the top of the screen.

  2. Next, click on the green button by the upper right corner that says “+ New Device Type”.

  3. When the next screen comes up, it should say “New SmartDevice”. Click on the tab that says “From Code”, and then a large white text input box will show up. That’s where the code gets entered.

  4. Now, using the code provided in the link right above this reply, select everything you see and paste the code into the large white text box from the step above. Click on the blue button that says “Create”.

  5. After creating it, you’re taken to the area where you can modify the code. At this point there’s no change you need to make. What you need to do here is now click on white button that says “Publish” and then the prompt that says “For Me”. That’s all that’s needed to create and publish a custom device type for yourself, now let’s get your siren to use it.

  6. Now go to your device in the IDE. You can get to it through a few different ways, but the most direct way if you don’t have a lot of devices is by clicking on “My Devices” from along the top of the screen.

  7. Once you get to the device details screen, scroll down and click on the white button that says “Edit”.

  8. Now, change the field that says “Type *”. It’s a drop down list, so select from the list what we just created from the above steps. If you didn’t change anything, it should show up as “My Utilitech Z-Wave Siren v2”, and it should be at the very bottom of the list of devices. Once selected, click on the white button that says “Update”.

  9. And that’s pretty much it! Now your device is using that code, and any SmartApp (like Smart Home Monitor - SHM) can start exploiting new commands and capabilities.

In the phone’s app you should now be able to go to the device and see the change, and SHM should trigger the siren. Please let me know how all that turns out!

Thanks for the code and instructions. I have been using the Smart Alarm app as it triggers the siren and provides all the arm/disarm features I need. I use Routines to change the Mode and arm/disarm the system.

I shall try your code as my first lesson in custom coding ST. Thanks for the help.

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