Magic Home

Magic Home RGBW controlers are now available for c2c integration

@Andremain not sure what you mean Andreas, addressable controlers ?

Probably best you delete your post in other thread to keep it clean, @jkp likes a tidy thread :grin:


There are three or four different companies that use some version of the name magic home, so just for clarity, this is the one which is also called “Magic hue“ and uses the following logo:


Thank you JD
I have noticed that the c2c integration does not reflect the devices state if it is controlled from another source (Echo)

You have to pull down on the ST device page to get an update on the devices state, not sure if that’s a c2c issue or an ST issue

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Hey Mike. Yeah i meant controllers for individually addressable led strips. I have a FairyNest one but it doesn’t connect to smartthings and is kinda woeful tbh…

Maybe it takes a while?

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Gona take me longer to get my head round your question tbh lol

My Magic Hue controler has 2 strips run from it and they are both :poop: but are not separately controllable, infact one set is white and one set multi coloured, I messed it around enough to get the lot to go to bright white as I couldn’t be bothered to get new coloured strips which died on me

The main MH app is actually very feature rich but the ST integration is not due to there design limitations

Lots of stuff available in the main app
Music recognition makes strips flash
Any colour and fade speed
Cinema mode ? Not sure what that does
Capture colour and recreate

Still not a fibaro controler and my second one, first one lasted about a year

No, it simply does not auto update, my MH controler is controled by an aeotec 6 in the kitchen which is run from an Echo movement routine, when it switches on via movement the ST Magic Hue device page just shows it as off all the time, unless a manual update is used

I am looking for a 5v controller that controls individually adreessable led strips and connects to smartthings.