LED Strip Controller (need help identifying, coming up with solution to use with smartthings if possible)

Hello all. I have 6-8 of the controllers in the below photo. Could anyone here tell me if there is a way to use these without relying on a “man in the middle” tcp solution. They do work with the solution linked below but I would like to take my pc out of the communication path if possible.

I won’t lie, they are pretty old and it seems like they aren’t even sold anymore (6 or so years) but if it’s possible to get them moved over to something other than the tcp solution that can direct connect to smartthings, I would like this better. Just a little weekend side project possibly.

Also, I guess I should add in here, I am looking for something Edge based if possible.
And lastly, these can be controlled by the “Magic Home” app also, outside of the TCP solution I explained I was using above.

Do you all need me to take one of these apart (so that we can see the raw circuit board) for us to determine this?

Thank you all ahead of time for your responses and help.

Can you find the model number? It’s not as important as the platform when it comes to Wi-Fi devices, but it can still help. Try looking inside the case where those screws are, there should be an FCC label.

@JDRoberts thank you for responding over here. I ended up taking the case apart on that wifi led controller and looked it over really well and I believe I found the FCC label.

I have attached a photo. Thank you for any help you can provide with this or connections of others that may be able help figure this one out. I hope we can come up with a way to not have to use that man in the middle solution anymore. It does work, I just don’t like having to have the pc doing some of the works as that is just another failure point.