Magic Home Pro / Magic Home Wifi / SmartLife (H801) - RGBW LED Strip Controller

I searched for a long time and was nearly ready to purchase an adapter and learn how to reflash my LED Strip controller so I could use ST to control it. (If you’re curious on that)

I was just about ready to pull the trigger when I thought to check IFTTT to see if maybe there was a free & easier way to do this. AND THERE WAS!

IFTTT Magic Hue.

Just create a virtual switch in Smart Things, and in an IFTTT applet use that switch to control your LED Strip Controller.

Voila. time and money saved.

So in summary. Devices that use Magic Home Pro

can be controlled directly with ST by using IFTTT Magic hue.

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My big gripe with the Magic Home app is there’s no way to include Warm White in a custom color function. So if I want to do red white and blue, I have to settle for the cold blue. Telling IFTTT to change colors ever few seconds via webCoRE was a bit of a let down. I wasn’t surprised though.

This works to turn it off and on but it never changes to the color requested in the ifttt aplet. It always changes the the previous used color. If I tell the aplet to turn the rgb to blue when the switch is activated if the previous color was red it will ignore the blue request and turn to red.

I can only get this to work if the IFTTT app is running in background on iPhone when I select on/off…

Just a quick note, perhaps it is from a update but @keithcroshaw mentioned that there is no way to include warm white in a customer color function.
Perhaps I misunderstood the question or it has been changed in a newer version of the app.

In the magic pro app currently it does let me set both RBG and Warm White levels at the same time.
Meaning I can use both Red and Warm White at the same time (which is a very nice look).

I am using 1.3.3 (Build 35) along with this controller:

The strip I am using is a RGBW strip, I am getting ready to order a RBG CCT strip and another of these controllers to see how it handles both warm white and cool white at the same time as RGB

Good find, I set this up, hoping to test tonight. My only problem with this is, what if I use the Magic Home Pro app, or Alexa (tied to MagicHome) to change the lights, they wont report in Smartthings, and thus the Smartthings virtual switch will be “out of sync” so to speak with the lights. Also super cumbersome to make a TON of virtual switches for each color / intensity. not a perfect solution, but better than nothing.

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