Import Scene from Magic Home to Smartthing


I have created some scene in my Magic Home app with LED strips. I have some Zigbee sensors and when the sensors detects motion I want these scenes to starts instead of just turn on and turn off the led strip.

Currently I can only control the “Turn on” / “Turn Off” & “Change Colour” function.

Hey there! @teamworks, At this time, Magic Homes Scenes are not onboarded into the ST Application when you link your Magic Home Service it brings only the devices to Smart Things.

However, I believe you may be able to accomplish your desired goal to use the scenes in ST ‘Automation Routines’ by creating a “Virtual device” using the Smart App Virtual Device Creator or Labs feature (Availability depends on your Region) Virtual Switch in the ST Application and the IFTT service.

Located here:
Note: (This is a subscription-based service if you exceed the allowed free ‘applets’.)

  1. You would create the virtual device in ST Application to make it discoverable by IFTTT.
    (I highly recommend naming the virtual switch the name of the scene you using in Magic Home)
  2. You would set up an IFTT account and link the account to the ST Linked Services.
  3. You would set your IFTT applets up as ‘if’ ST Virtual Device is turned on > ‘then’ Run Magic home Scene.
  4. You would return to the ST Application to create your Automation Routine to your liking. When Motion is detected by the ST Sensors, you can have the Virtual device turn on and it will activate the associated Magic Home scene that you linked to it in Step #3.

Community users may have additional information to add but this should achieve your use case.

I hope this message finds you well!


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Thank you so much for your reply. Will give this a try.

You are very welcome! Keep me posted on the results! :slight_smile: