IFTTT Device Control

I understand IFTTT can control SmartThings devices and have that functionality happening right now. What I would like to do is control IFTTT compatible devices from SmartThings. Is this possible?

Specifically, I have a number of cheap LED bulbs and strips on the Magic Home and Tuya platforms. They are controllable (on/off/color/brightness) via IFTTT. I’d like to create scenes in SmartThings, or even utilize automation (Motion detected on my Ring Doorbell, slowly flash in red fireplace mantle LED strip).

I did my smart home set up the wrong way, I started with these cheap LED bulbs and strips and then got the bug and got serious with SmartThings compatible items. But I have a rather serious investment with the strips (5) and bulbs (10) and going the Hue route is not feasible.

You can. Search for “virtual switch” and “ifttt” and you’ll find a method to create a device in smartthings that controls ifttt. You’ll also have to create 4 routines for each switch for the control, if you’re also using another method of local control (voice, paired switches etc)