Importing Magic Home into Smart Things

I’m new to SmartThings and home automation. I recently installed some led strip lights in which I’m using the Magic Home app to control them. I wanted to automate the lights via animation with triggers but I don’t know how to import the lights or Magic Home into SmartThings. Can someone assist me with the best way possible to make this happen?

You need to request from Magic Home that they add integration with SmartThings.

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You can’t import it directly at the present time. As @Automated_House mention, now that smartthings has published their API it is up to the device manufacturer to create those integrations.

In the past people have either used Ifttt or flashed the firmware on the magic home devices. To be honest, I don’t know whether either of those methods still work, but talk to people in the following thread

Magic Home Pro / Magic Home Wifi / SmartLife (H801) - RGBW LED Strip Controller

You can search Import tab where you can upload into smart thing and run and preview.