RBGW Magic Home Problem

Hi all, not sure if this is the right place for this but I am having problems getting RGBW working through the magic home app. I can set RGBW all on through my RF remote control and controller using the on off button on the top of the control for the RGB and the bottom on off for the white. Using magic home and the WIFI controller I can only select warm white which turns the white leds on which are actually cool white on my strip. The cool white or the colour wheel selection turns the white leds off and cannot seem to get them all on together. My wifi controller firmware is 0.6v1 and the led strip type is 5050 cool white with the RGBW all in one chip. Is there any method I can get this working through WIFI as I would like to automate the lights as they will be for an aquarium light, seems strange I can have all the LED’S on with the remote but not with magic home.