MAC address

How do you find the mac address for the smart hub? I need to open the mac address to access the internet all the time.

If you log in to, it’s listed under “My Hubs” in the “Data” section.


I spent few minutes today assigning static ip’s to all the Mac addresses including SmartThings hub, Harmony hub, Philips hue hub, all the Sonos players, MyQ chamberlain garage internet gateway, ADT router on my AirPort Extreme 6th generation (tower) and got rid of the 5th generation from the bridge mode which was not required. It wasn’t that bad to set it all up. Had to use a laptop though as airport utility on iPhone or iPad only shows the wireless clients and added today a Linksys SE2800 eight port gigabit Ethernet switch to the router! The tower only has only 3 ethernet ports. Huh!

If you need the MAC address in order to get it connected at all, you can email your serial number (on the bottom of the device next to the bar code) to and they can look it up for you.

All my other devices have the MAC address easily available. Why make it hard?

There is an iOS/Android app called Fing you can download that identifies devices on your network along with their MAC addresses.

Can you not get the mac address from your router?
Mine shows them but I don’t know if all routers do.