Lyric Thermostat want to add 'outdoorTemperature' to handler

Does anyone have the original code for a Lyric thermostat or a modified code that has the outdoor sensor already added to the device handler? I have the auxiliary sensor of my Lyric set up as an outdoor temp sensor. The current Lyric device handler shows the ‘outdoorThemperature’ sensor reading in the API ‘Events List’ so I know it’s being monitored. I would like to modify the device handler so it also shows this outdoor temperature reading on the thermostat handler main screen in the ST app for my location. Has anyone done this already? If I can get the original code, I can maybe add the display box and sensor input to modify the original. Is there a complete template out there? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

my response may not be of use to you, but can you confirm you have got the lyric T6R thermostat working with the smartthings app ? is the integration straight forward ? Can you please show what the controls look like, what it allows to do ?

i am thinking of buying this but not sure what it allows to do at present as the information available is limited

My Lyric is a T6 Pro Model: TH6220WF2006 It’s wifi not z-wave. I don’t know if that’s the same as the T6R you mention. It works easy with both the classic ST and the new ST however the new ST did not include reading the auxiliary sensor which I use as an outdoor sensor. It did show up in the classic ST app. I’m trying to find someone that can get the device handler upgraded to show the auxiliary sensor. No luck yet.