LUX device for 2024?

Hi all,

I am looking for an inexpensive LUX device that can measure LUX. I used to have a ZOOZ device that did it, but it was too old and they didn’t offer an Edge driver for it (it worked perfectly.) I know there’s some expensive ones out there, but all I need it to do is measure LUX for me. Any recommendations for which ones work with ST’s and also can update LUX often (not just when the device detects motion.)

Appreciate all input.

What would you define as “inexpensive“? (Different people have different budgets.)

And what do you define as “update often“? It’s typical for the inexpensive versions to update once every 15 minutes if the change exceeds their Delta, is that often enough?

Also, since you mentioned Zooz, can we assume that you are in North America and have some kind of smartthings/aeotec hub?

Finally, how precise do you need it to be?

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Under $40.
As long as it can update every 10-15 minutes, that’s fine.
Yes, North America and the ST’s hub.
Precise enough to turn on lights when it gets to a certain darkness.

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I use a few of these around the house to control indoor lights. These are $18:

These were originally Xiaomi devices, and I wrote a DTH for them a while back. I’m currently using my own Edge driver because ST’s “zigbee-illuminance-sensor” driver didn’t have my model, but based upon the fingerprint of ST’s driver, their driver may support the Aqara T1 light sensor:

Here’s my original post:



Thanks, just to confirm, do you recommend the Aqara one from either of those links and these will work with your Edge Driver? I couldn’t tell if you had one of those are something else that was older. Where would I find the link to install your Edge Driver, please? Do the LUX sensors work even if it doesn’t detect motion, because I thought I read somewhere that one of these (or something similar) would only work when motion was detected. I just need this to turn on lights once a certain LUX level is hit. Also wondering if battery level can be detected now?

Mine is the older version, but looking at ST’s edge driver code, it looks like the new Aqara device should work just fine. In case it doesn’t, updating my driver code is super simple to do.

I’d say to try ST’s driver first. It should automatically be found when the device is first installed. If not, it may be found just as a Thing. If so, we’ll need to update my driver so you can use it. We’ll also need MC’s Zigbee thing driver so I can get the MFG and Model codes from the device.

Yup! These devices do not have a motion sensor, just a light sensor, and they report at every single change in light and immediate.

That’s exactly what I do. I have an automation that’s triggered when the lux value is very low (or 0) to turn on some night lights.

With my driver, no because the battery detail is in a custom Zigbee cluster I’m not working with in my code. I’ll have to say that I’ve not had to replace a battery yet since installing these 3 years ago, so I’ve not had a need to monitor battery usage even though these devices report Lux like crazy.

With ST’s code, it looks like battery level is available based upon the profile the Aqara T1 device is using (battery-illuminance-aqara.yml). That profile displays both battery and Lux in the mobile app. I can’t confirm that since I don’t have one of those new ones yet. It also looks like ST adjusts how often the device reports Lux from every single change to perhaps every 5 minutes (can’t verify without having one).

I haven’t looked at my code for quite some time, and now that ST has updated theirs, I may go back and update mine to see if battery reporting will work. I have some other projects in the works, so updating my code to match ST’s is low priority for that reason, plus my code is working fine so far.

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Ok, so which one of those links should I buy from?

I’ve ordered from both of those sites without issue. I’d say use the one with lowest shipping cost and quickest delivery, but both seem to be very similar. Aliexpress has never failed me yet.

Ok, thanks…appreciate the input.

Just curious, what’s the difference between the AliExpress link you sent and this:

Different seller. AliExpress is basically like eBay: thousands of different sellers sell there.

Just be aware that Aqara believes many of the items sold there are counterfeit or defective returns and they may choose not to honor warranties for items sold there. (See their warranty statement.)

So I can’t tell if the link that johnconstantelo sent is actually the manufacturer?

Not sure if you need outdoor, but I’ve been using this since July and it’s been great and didn’t require a custom driver. A little more than you wanted, but just throwing out there. Really sensitive and fast and gave me motion detection on the deck to boot. Still registering 100% battery, but not sure if that’s because it’s still full or maybe battery level not working.

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It’s definitely not the manufacturer, they don’t sell on AliExpress.

These are the authorized retailers:

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Thank you for that info, appreciate it.

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Ordered. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work straight out of the box with ST’s. Appreciate yours (and everyone else’s) input. I’ve been using an offset to sunset to turn my lights on and while it works well in most cases, it doesn’t work well when it’s cloudy outside and dark in the house. I really missed having the LUX capability, so I look forward to having it again.

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Excellent! Glad to help out in any way, so let us know how it goes.

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Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! €17.78 6% Off | Human Presence Detector Tuya Zigbee 3.0 Smart Human Body PIR Sensor Radar Detector Motion Sensors Support Home Assistant

These are very cheap and are USB powered so the LUX is reported constantly. And they are good presence sensors

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Well everything you said was spot on. It paired fairly quickly (held the side button down until it started blinking blue) and ST picked it up. Here’s how the device looks in ST:

I did have an issue where I was playing around with detection frequency and it wouldn’t update (not sure if Zigbee dropped.) Deleted and re-added and it “seems” ok for now. I have a Zigbee repeater very close by. LUX updates, as you said, are pretty much instant or close to instant.

I do like to monitor my batteries, so I’m using SharpTools for that. To make sure the device is connnected, I’ll use @TAustin’s device monitor that he created, which works great to let me know when devices go off-line.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

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Nice! Can you look at the advance ST site and let me know what your device has for Model and Manufacturer Code. Glad to see it worked as expected.


Model: lumi.sen_ill.agl01
Manufacturer Code: LUMI

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