Lutron Pico Remotes in Smartthings? (2021)

I was wondering if there was any way to expose a lutron pico remote to smartthings without having to have it paired with another dimmer or switch? I would like to use just a pico remote as a button for different automations and to control devices. This may be a long shot but thought I would ask the community and see if this was a possibility.

Not through the official Integration.

There is a 2019 FAQ on this topic which covers possible unofficial methods, but notice anything that relies on groovy will go away once the groovy cloud goes away in a few months.

Method one in the FAQ, the one which uses a Lutron plug-in dimmer as a proxy, should still work, it’s just kind of clunky.

FAQ: Add Lutron Pico to ST? (2019)

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Ok thank you. I will read through it and ask if it is still even a workable solution.

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Hubitat Works great with Lutron Devices, including Picos, I just don’t know how long there will be an integration between it and smartthings once the groovy cloud goes away. :thinking: So then you might have to start getting into multi step integrations using MQTT or something, which could get very complicated.

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