Lutron integration - October 2023

Hi. I lost the Lutron integration in SmartThings. Lutron no longer appears as a supported device in the SmartThings app. The integration used to work before. Thank you.

There have been issues regarding the Lutron integration (also Philips Hue duplication of devices) this week. Best recommendation is to report it to ST support.

issues regarding Lutron this week have been about disabled Routines:


do you use android or iOS?

force quit the app and clear app cache - then try again

I am in the United States and using an iPad. Lutron is still listed for me as a partner integration. :thinking:

So you should definitely contact support:


I figured out the problem. I have two hubs. One in Switzerland and the other one in Canada. The Lutron app is region specific. It only appears in Canada. It does not appear in Switzerland.