Lutron Routines Getting Disabled

About 4-5 days ago, all Lutron routines stopped working. Other routines still work fine.

Went into the app and they’re all disabled. I can re-enable and they work fine but a few hours later they are all disabled again. WTF?

@William_Frazier - tagging you here so we can start a new thread about Lutron specific issue that is new (not related to January incident)

Multiple people reporting routines being disabled, with many different brands of devices. See the current active thread, which includes staff participation. Although the thread was started a year ago there are reports from as recently as yesterday there. :thinking:

Routines being automatically disabled?

Same issue as @mabram77

All related to Lutron devices. All routines that include 1 or more Lutron devices randomly disable. I can re-enable and they seem to be “enabled” in app for a while, but at some point, they disable again.

I’m having the exact same issue with my Smart Things routines. If they reference a Lutron device the routines eventually becomes disabled. It’s been happening for about a week now.

Same issue here. If I refresh the lutron connection they come back for about 24 h but then disable again.

Same issue… all Lutron related routines.

The Lutron integration has disappeared from supported devices in the SmartThings app.

It’s still available for me today. I am using an iPad and I am in the United States.

Still available for in the US using an Android phone and Amazon Fire Tablet.

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This is now working again for me. I did report the issue through the app and then it started working…

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