Lutron Integration @ CES?

Hi all, unfortunately SmartThings does not receive any information when Pico buttons are pressed.


The Lutron Pro bridge will pick up the Picos. However, the ST integration seems to be just Caseta (non pro)

Random note - the Lutron bridges have a 1-2 sec delay between button press and when the event displays on their bridge. Then from there it has to go to the cloud. So, button pressing on a dimmer might be a few seconds delayed. Maybe not a big deal for you, but not really instant


@JDRoberts - And this is why I ask you! Very good points you bring up. I may look into the Pico remote using HomeKit scenes though…that seems like a possible work around. Honestly, I just wish Phillips would make the hue dimmer switch small enough and a bracket so it can mount directly on a gang box. It’s annoying that there really is no standard way to retrofit it into the existing space. The best I’ve come up with is Command Strips tape for single gang boxes. If it’s a double gang, there’s very little that can be done. The best I was able to come up with what a blank plate with some velcro. It does the job but it looks far from clean lol.

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I just saw the tweet today from Lutron. This is what I’ve been waiting for! This past summer I managed to get grab a bunch of Caseta sets when Lowe’s made a pricing mistake. The kit that came with a hub, 2 switches, and 2 remotes was regularly $229.99. Lowe’s was going to discount them $50 down to $179.99 but messed up in their system and discounted them $179.99 for a price of $50. Hit up 4 stores that day and managed to get 4 sets before they caught their mistake. When I tried a 5th store the next day they were priced back to $179.99. Anyway it wasn’t until I got home before I realized they didn’t work with ST, but at the price I paid I just started using them with HomeKit… I’m no big fan of HomeKit.Mainly it loses connection far to often not only with my Casetas but my iDevices outlets also.I’ve been holding off on installing the rest waiting, wishing, praying that they would get ST compatibility, or at least Google Home.

Yup~This is precisely why I will be sticking with my solution. That and the Pico and scene stuff of course. Who knows though maybe it will surprise us all and be really fast. We shall see…

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We had so many problems with the ihome outlets that we ended up returning them. But all of the other HomeKit stuff has worked well for us, including the idevices. And we’ve never had a disconnect with Lutron switches, which are now all over the house. One of the new features coming to Caseta that was announced at CES is the ability to use one Lutron pocket socket as a repeater for their protocol.

Extend the wireless range of your Caseta Smart Bridge with a Plug-in Dimmer - If there is an area of your home where you would like to add Lutron devices but is out of range of your Smart Bridge, you can now add a Plug-in Dimmer to add coverage.

Only one at present, but it’s intended for the DIY market where devices may be added over time somewhat haphazardly from a backbone point of view.

As always, “all home automation is local” and what works well at one person’s house might not work well at another. But it’s always good to have more options for improving the network strength. :sunglasses:

The repeater function sounds great. I guess I didn’t describe it correctly. The Lutrons didn’t disconnect. In HomeKit it does the thing where you open the Home app or bring up the Home widget from the control center and the icon just shows “updating”. Sometimes you just have to tap it a couple of times, sometimes it just says I’m out of luck. Happens more on my iPad than my iPhone but I can rest assured it will be 3 or 4 times a week. The iDevices happen several times a day. And it completely disconnected once after an OS update. Had to set it up completely again. Guess I’ve just had a more consistent experience with ST than HK. But I plan on switching out the iDevices with the Lutron plug in dimmers anyway.

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by “your solution” - i probably missed something, but i certainly want to be able to use the pico remotes. Ive actually been debating about moving away from smartthings and caseta is high on the list as in mostly interested in lighting anyway. I had vera and switched back to smartthings 2 when they promised local processing and i kind of regret that decision.

I am referring to the script I built to allow control of Lutron Caseta within ST. It requires a middle man server of some sort which can be a Raspberry pi or other computer that is always on. It works very well and is fast and reliable. I have not released the code that adds the ability to add Pico remotes and control ST device with them just yet because I am not quite finished with it. I can confirm however that assuming you have the PRO version of the bridge the Picos do work. For just regular control either bridge will suffice. Check it out and if you have questions feel free to ask in that thread.


For anybody that is stocking up on Lutron in anticipation, the starter kit ( Hub, 2 dimmers, 2 remotes) is still an Alexa deal for $119.

Deal is gone as of today. (But you can still get that damn Garth Brooks CD they’ve been pushing for at least 2+ months)


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Any news or indication as to when official Luton caseta support will be enabled?

I haven’t seen any. I check the link @JDRoberts posted to Lutron’s official website every few days, but it’s still showing “Coming Soon”.

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It’s fairly far along in our testing process. It’s going well!


Well come on, I spent all that $$$ on Lutron and having to use IFTTT to turn on lights is pathetic. :smile_cat:

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@njschwartz has created a really useful implementation you can use to do the integration now if you’d like. [BETA] Lutron Caseta Integration using Raspberry Pi (Pro or Standard Bridge) [DEPRECATED--See new Release thread instead]

You don’t have to use a raspberry pi, BTW. I’ve got my running on a linux VM. It’s pretty straight forward so you might check it out if you just can’t wait for that integration.

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Would be nice if SmartThings could add-on the Lutron protocol to their hub by using the USB port on the hub with a USB dongle. This way there is no need for a Lutron Bridge:sweat_smile:

Don’t see Lutron letting that happen.

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Lutron is fine with dongles as long as they are licensed. But you don’t need one, Lutron has an open API which allows for telnet integration with the Lutron Smartbridge. Lutron generally likes integrations with systems that provide extended functionality.

Since the SmartThings hub doesn’t support telnet, Two different community members have created “man in the middle” server integrations with Lutron using the telnet options.

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