Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer & compatible BR30 led

Can anyone recommend a BR30 LED bulb that works with the Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer? I know they have the compatibility tool, but when filter the list down to “show only the best” and BR30, I am having a hard time finding the recommended bulbs in stock.

I am currently using FEIT bulbs from Costco. On one switch, which controls one can, it works perfectly. On the 2nd switch, controlling 2 cans, the lights flash on and off before turning on normally. It only seems to do that on a cold start (when the lights haven’t been on for a while). After the initial flash, I can turn them off and on several times and they’ll behave normally. I haven’t tried swapping out the dimmer yet, but I believe it’s the bulbs as I don’t think they are on the supported/compatible list.

If that flashing is happening on a cold start - take a look on lowering the low trim … I dont have a link handy but it works well for me

go to the caseta support page and look around or google it – fantastic and EASY

Yes, I did read that as a solution! I actually did adjust the low trim and thought it worked, but then noticed the flash again this morning. Thank you for the suggestion–now I know it works (for you at least). So maybe I just need to adjust it even more. I’ll try again tonight. It’s just hard to troubleshoot since the flash does not happen all the time. I have to try a fix then wait a while to test whether or not it worked.

For lamps that suffer flickering on dimmer start, you can put a device across the dimmer’s wires called a snubber. It’s a capacitor/resistor device that helps with starting voltage.