Help wanted: Dimmable LED A19 bulb that works well with Caseta dimmer

I have a Lutron Caseta dimmer in my bedroom and it’s hooked up to an overhead light that currently has 3 100W incandescent bulbs.

I like the Philips Warmglow lights and tried to use the 60W equivalent bulbs in the fixture, but they would flash constantly when the dimmer was turned on to any level.

I then tried to Philips Warmglow 100W equivalent bulbs (A21) and they didn’t fit in the fixture.

So, ideally, looking for an option that dims to a warmer color that works well with the Caseta dimmer. Barring that, just looking for a recommendation for a soft white A19 LED bulb that dims to a low level when paired with the Caseta dimmer.


The Casetas are in the “Wireless” category.

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Thanks. I should have mentioned that I looked at their tool, but that doesn’t give insight into what I’m specifically looking for:

  1. A compatible bulb that may not be on their list that is “warm dimmable,” i.e. dims to a warmer color temperature
  2. Or, a compatible bulb that dims to a low level with the Caseta, which is impossible to tell from the compatibility chart, hence the reason I am asking the question here.

Lutron has an online forum too, in case no one here can help.

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Why would the casseta be different from any other 110v dimmer?

I had success with off brand LED bulbs on aliexpress getting from 3-4 different vendors (these are supercheap) and one hopefully would work, dimmable, warm, without flickering. It’s hit or miss but you spend very little.

Caseta dimmers don’t have a neutral wire. The minimum voltage and initial load of some LEDs can make them not work properly with Caseta dimmers even though they work properly with other dimmers.

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