LED Bulbs and Lutron Caseta

I have been using a Lutron Caseta switch to control my two outside garage door lights. They work fine with an assortment of different brands of “white” bulbs.

At Christmas time, I’ve tried to switch the white bulbs to red and green bulbs. This worked until a couple of years ago. I’m now using Phillips “generic” LED bulbs and when the switch turns on, the bulbs blink on and off rather than on.

Any idea why the colored bulbs act differently than standard white led bulbs?


Are the new bulbs dimmable? that could do it.

No, the Phillips bulb is not dimmable. I have used both dimmable and non-dimmable bulbs in other Lutron switches without problems.

The bulb does say not to use with dimmers.

Perhaps that is the problem, although as noted, I’ve used non dimmable bulbs previously.


Lutron has some troubleshooting steps that involve changing how the switch supplies current if you want to try that

That looks promising… Will try two dimmable bulbs, as well

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Two dimmable bulbs are working, as hoped for.


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