Looking for recommendations - Recessed ceiling lights

Unfortunately, the new house I moved into has recessed lights that Lutron support confirmed doesn’t play well with the dimmer switch (say it causes buzzing). Really sucks because I have about 17-20 of these lights throughout the house…

Anyway, if I’m considering replacing some of these (kitchen and living room for now) I’m looking for recommendations for a non-smart model (white and RGB) that plays well with the Lutron Caseta wall dimmer switches. I normally would find this sort of information on my own, but based on what I’m seeing so far, there doesn’t appear to be any particular models that have great reviews. So, I’m hoping for some help here.

Did you check the Lutron compatibility tool? They have tested a number of different brands.

Lutron Caseta dimmers will be in the “wireless” category. :sunglasses::level_slider::bulb:


RGB bulbs are going to be smart bulbs, though? Or do you just mean single color bulbs? I’m using the Philips LED warmglow bulbs with a lutron caseta dimmer in my bedroom and den, and they dim down to almost nothing, and the color temperature changes to warmer as they dim. No buzzing.

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Yea, stupid mistake - RGB will basically mean a smart bulb. Too many thoughts going on in my head with all this stuff right now.
Regarding Hue bulbs though ( I do have a Hue system as well) they don’t seem to have a Hue can/downlight. Wish they did…

The Hue BR30 is essentially a can light, though. You just have to have medium base potlights already installed. They won’t work with lutron dimmers though, obviously.

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Hue makes downlights. :sunglasses:

There’s the $40 white ambiance

The BR30 as @Edward_Niedziejko mentioned, or several very expensive fixtures with built in bulbs.

No idea how I missed that downlight…but that’s what I’m needing.
The existing lights are not actual ‘can’ lights…the whole light assembly is only maybe 1" thick. Thank YOU. I’ll have to go check these out now.

EDIT: Looks like those Hue downlights are 3.3" tall. Won’t work. I need a VERY shallow ‘fake’ type can light. I’m sure these things have some sort of official name…

How big is the hole they go in? The ones I install at work at the Lithonia Slim LED downlights. They dim very well, but I haven’t personally installed them with the lutron caseta (yet, I’ve been planning on getting some) They come in a 3", 4" and 6" model.

The driver pack goes into the ceiling space, and the LED part is only about 1/2" thick.


The existing lights are mounted via holes in the ceiling with round plastic outlet boxes. (inside diameter 3.75"). So this means that the entire light fits into the light assembly that you see mounted on the ceiling. It’s basically flush on the non-viewable side.

They are these:

Real shame because these things aren’t cheap and I have a LOT of them.
I’ve thought about just buying the Lutron controller and trying it anyway just to see if MAYBE I get lucky and there’s no buzzing with mine…

Caseta also has a dimmer for ELV lights. It might just be the standard dimmer that causes the lights to buzz?

Yea, the Caseta model supposedly handles pretty much any style/tech of light (confirmed by them that the switch should be compatible with this particular light) but it’s just not happy with some model lights. They had actually tested this specific model light in their lab with this Caseta dimmer.

Caseta has two dimmers, one “regular” and one ”pro". The latter is specially for electronic low voltage dimming. Was the test done with the regular, pro, or both? The former is 4 button, the latter is 5 button.

Just to tie this one off:

“Lutron has conducted full testing on the 14330S-15. Based upon the testing results we are unable to recommend any of our Caseta controls due to unsatisfactory performances, including flickering and buzzing. We would suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if there is a dimming solution that they can recommend.”

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Does anybody know if the Hue ceiling downlights can be wired directly instead of using a socket.

I’m in a newly constructed house with quite a few ceiling LED fixtures. They’re wired in, no bulbs, light and trim are all one unit.