GE Z Wave Dimmer causing Buzz+Flicker in LED 3-way setup

So I recently switched to LED cans (Satco Par30 Short Neck 120v 13w 3000k) with a GE Z-Wave dimmer and add-on switch. I have 5 of the Satco’s as cans and that is the load for the switch(s). and I get buzzing/flickering at middle level dimming. It’s not bad, but makes me want to switch back to incandescent bulbs. Before I try Leviton/Evolve/HomeSheer or something, what have been your experiences? Is my math wrong and that’s why I get flickering on mid-dim? It’s in the kitchen so it’s not bad, but before I start building out a similar setup in the living room, I want to get rid of the flicker and buzz and make sure it’s not the equipment.

Thanks in advance.

I’m sure that’s annoying! Flickering can be caused by many different things. The following might be of interest:

Looking at the specs on those specific bulbs, you can see that they are listed as only being compatible with a very few dimmer models, mostly Lutron and one Leviton:

And the Leviton listed is a “universal” dimmer.

They don’t list any other brands as being compatible, not even Cooper’s which are listed as being compatible with some of their other models.

So my feeling is that these particular bulbs probably require a universal dimmer. GE doesn’t make any of those In zwave.

Leviton does make a couple you could try. Check the specs, though for the load rating. Here’s one just as an example.

Thanks! I am going to try the Leviton switch because honestly I was looking into that before. And if that doesn’t fix it. I will go to a different bulb.

Appreciate the help! I’ll report my findings.

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Did you go to recessed cans? That is what I did and it saved money to go to LED recessed can replacement kits. In my local HomeDepot they are currently on sale in boxed pairs for under $20.

They look like this one: (couldn’t find the boxed pair online)