Lutron Caseta Smart App 'Discovery Failed! No bridge found on Lutron account.'

I have a Lutron Pro Hub connected to smarthings with 29 switches using official Lutron integration. It has been working for > 6 months. Now I get the error ‘Discovery Faile! No bridge found on Lutron account’.

How this happened…

In order to work around a password/email issues in the Lutron app, Lutron support advised me to change my email address through the the lutron app. After this was complete I noticed this broke my Smartthings/Lutron integration and switches became offline. In hopes of recovery I once again changed my email and password in the Lutron app back to the original email and password I had originally setup for the integration with Smartthings.

No luck. Ever since then Smartthings can no longer connect to Lutron Caseta integration and I get the error ‘Discovery failed! No bridge on Lutron account’ whenever I open the Lutron Caseta smart app or devices in Smarththings app. All devices are working fine from within the Lutron app.

Is there any way to recover without having to remove every device in Smartthings and start over? Support has not been helpful, and I can’t find any way from whithin Smartthings app to re-authorize username and password against Lutron Caseta service if already setup.

Any help would be appreciated on how to recover or gracefully get back and running.


Does the SmartThings integration still show in the Lutron app?

  • click on Settings (the cog in the upper left of the screen)
  • Advanced
  • Integration
  • Connections

I looked and it does not. Any way to restore?

I believe you are going to need to remove the current connection in ST which includes removing the lutron devices that are currently connected. They are not working as you pointed out. In the Classic app, go to Automation : SmartApps : lutron caseta (Connect) : remove. Then re-add the lutron connection to re-establish permissions.

But my recommendation is to contact ST support directly before making such a drastic move.

This is exactly why I wish to limit the number of hubs I have on my system. I already have a Hue hub for lighting… so when it came time to add dimmers, I got ones (Zooz) I could add directly to Smartthings.

One more hub = one more thing that can go wrong.

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I have reached out to ST support, but it hasn’t been helpful.

Is there any graceful way to reestablish all my automations vs adding all the lutron devices back in one by one? Probably not, but thought I would ask before I go through the task.

Unfortunately there is no easy way. You would need to add them back to Automations one by one. Sometimes, taking screenshots of your Automations might be of some help. Wish I had a better advice for you.