Lutron Caseta, No bridge found on Lutron account

I recently installed 4 new Lutron Caseta dimmers along with the Lutron hub. After initial setup, downloading Lutron app and then adding to ST, everything worked perfect. The next day all dimmers were tagged with red !. In smart apps, under the Lutron folder (?) I tried to reconnect. Was told No bridge found on Lutron account. I removed all dimmers and smart app and tried to start over with the same message each time. All dimmers work in the Lutron app with no problems. Any ideas?

Same thing here. It looks like I’ve followed all the directions. Any solution on your end?

A SmartThing rep was able to reset my account from their end and everything has worked fine since. Don’t know what caused the issue but they were able to solve it from their end. Hope this helps