Lutron Caseta Fan Control Switch (March 2019) - now available

Something New from Caseta is coming soon! I wonder what it could be. The announcement should be posted in the next few days.

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I’m hoping for a fan switch in that line. :sunglasses:

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The image in the email is named 3040703_caseta_fan_control_teaser_email_1200_hd.png. So I’m guessing a fan control.


Look what’s in a recent FCC filing…

And the user manual they filed with it definitely says Caseta fan control:

Full filing:

Doesn’t seem to match the picture in the teaser, though. Maybe they’re going to make a black version of the smartbridge as well?


Looks like its gonna have a fatter butt than the dimmers.

also requires a neutral wire

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This whole thing looks great and I was really excited about it until after I read the quick start guide and noticed there is no control for the lights. So… a fan controller targeting pull chain fans that doesn’t control the lights… doesn’t it seems odd? How different will it be from all existing Z-Wave fan speed controllers out there (besides the nice looking and pico remotes)?

I believe there is a lot of people out there (like me) who doesn’t have separated wires for the fan and lights (reason pull chain fans are so popular) so there is a huge hole in the market that no one is addressing except
for this one home depot exclusive product: Universal Wink Enabled White Ceiling Fan Premier Remote Control which has some really mixed reviews and requires you to leave an antenna hanging from your fan for it to work.

Back to Caseta, nice addition to their line of products but … nothing new as far as innovation or market needs.
Let’s hope there is still something we don’t know about it and that will bring the wow factor after its release.

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If you use a smart bulb, you should be able to find a wallmount nonwired Switch for it ( either battery-operated or zigbee green energy). You could then put that on the wall next to the Lutron fan switch. It’s not ideal, but it would work.

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But if you only have hot, neutral and ground, when the fun control (Caseta in this case) turns off the fan it will cut the power as well so the only way to keep the lights on is by keeping the fan on.

Considering Lowes, Home Depot and a ton of other places sells fan remotes to address the missing wire (the one where you install the receiver inside the canopy) there must be a makert for it. The home automation giants like Lutron probably just think it is not worth it.

Until we get there I will keep dreaming of voice control on my fans.

Buy the way, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread and change its main subject :grinning:


coming in March. The fan control is expected to retail around $80


and what do we have here…

Yep they’ve had them since last week. I bought 2 today and @destructure00 has been clearing out stores in his area. They technically won’t be on shelves until 3/1 but they are in the “no home” section, ie shelves above in electrical section. You may have to hunt for the box with the HD stock number on it.

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Indeed they are out there! I have 8 installed already :slight_smile:

The fan controls are deeper than the other Caseta dimmers and switches, just a heads up to anyone who has shallow boxes. They also require a neutral wire.

Another quirk I’ve found, and I have a support ticket open with Lutron…if you send the same setLevel command back to back via Telnet, it toggles between the correct level and the one below it. For example, if I send 50% it goes to medium speed. If I send another 50%, it goes to low speed. Another 50%, it goes back to medium. I owe support some details. Not sure how the ST integration works, if it’s over telnet or cloud.


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@destructure00 were you able to add the fan control switches to smartthings? Neither version of the app sees them, I am thinking that smartthings may not support them yet?

I’m not using SmartThings anymore, can’t answer your question unfortunately.

Ok. Well, anyone else looking to buy these. I don’t think they work with smartthings, they are not discovered or available in the list of Caseta devices.

Since they aren’t officially available in the US until March, although I know some retailers are selling them, it’s not too surprising that they don’t integrate yet.

I haven’t seen anything official With regard to smartthings, but they can be added to Lutron scenes, which you can activate with IFTTT.

Meanwhile, you might ask Lutron support if they are expecting them to work with SmartThings through the existing integration.

Not able to add to ST here either. Lutron Connect does not discover the device.

Shows up in Homekit however.

Wow, really? Because they said it wasn’t going to get HomeKit integration until later this year. But that was a couple of months ago, maybe they got it ready in time. :sunglasses:

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