Lutron Caseta Fan Control Switch (March 2019) - now available

Here is the response from Lutron re SmartThings support.

Thank you for contacting Lutron technical support. Unfortunately, we have no information as to when or if integration for Smart Things will be available. I will however, forward your inquiry to the application development team for consideration in future releases.

I wonder if Home Depot will take them back now that Ive mangled the packaging.

I am going to be a not happy camper if these dont integrate to ST.

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Dumb question, how slow will these things go? Im hoping to have the fan barely moving such that you can see the individual blades. Is it a situation where it just controls the fan’s already pre-set settings (low, medium, high) or can you make micro adjustments like you would with a dimable light? Thanks!

It has 4 speed settings plus Off.

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You will set your fan to it’s highest speed via pull chain, then control using the fan controller. My master bedroom fan (I think it’s 52" or 54" or somewhere around there) takes about 2 seconds to make a full revolution on slowest speed. Living room fan I believe is 48" and it’s a bit faster but not by a lot.

Has anyone heard update on smartthings supporting the fan control switch? I am currently using ifttt now as a work around to provide voice control via Google Home but would be nice to get Smartthings control so I can use it in Actiontiles.

I’m happy these exist. Just installed one. Great solution for those already using the Lutron bridge to keep the consistent look and ergonomic use. In my house I lucked out that the switch next to my fan wall switch was used to turn a wall outlet on/off, which I didn’t use. So in order to control the fan light separately I used that outlet switch. I just made the wall outlet permanently hot in the wall behind the switch so it doesn’t use the switch, and so it freed up the switch for fan light. I also lucked out that the fan had been wired with 3 conductor Romex (the one with the black hot and red hot used in 3 way locations). It’s like the home builder knew to prepare things to do exactly what I ended up doing.

For those that don’t have 3 conductor Romex to the fan, maybe you can use the existing 2 conductor Romex to pull through the 3 conductor Romex. It probably doesn’t pull too easy like Ethernet cable does. I’ve never tried this but it’s just a thought. Or maybe you just do a new clean Romex run. You’d need a free second gang though still. In that case it might be simpler to cut the wall and add a gang and add new Romex to it. I’ve done Romex runs and it was simple as I added an outlet for wall mount TV and added new ceiling lights with new switches.

These are really great and I’m sure ST integration will come soon. For now at least the Alexa Lutron skill works for voice control. Until I added this fan control I had not added the Lutron skill to Alexa as I only needed the ST skill. The drawback is that now Alexa sees my lights twice, once for ST and once for Lutron. I have Alexa groups with only one light for each location but in the Alexa devices list its a bit messy seeing them twice.

This is interesting, my response from Lutron states:

“Thank you for contacting Lutron technical support. Unfortunately, this is not something that we are able to control. It is entirely up to ST as to when or if the fan control will be added to their integration. I would suggest contacting them to inquire as to a timeline.”

I then contacted SmartThings and they responded with:

“Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. At this time, we do not have any information regarding the Lutron Caseta Fan Controller. The device is not one of our Works With SmartThings devices.”

So I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens as neither Lutron or SmartThings seems interested in supporting these new switches.

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I got a totally different response from Lutron yesterday.

Lutron’s response:

Unfortunately, at this time, the PD-FSQN does not integrate with SmartThings.
We are working with SmartThings on making it integrate, but we don’t have a time table as to when this will occur.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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:laughing: looks like their support staff is just as consistent as SmartThings’

Sounds more to me like there is forward progress progress and there is now a new support script because they are working on it. But I’m usually an optimist. :sunglasses:

Both of my responses were received today from Lutron and SmartThings, so it seems like reverse progress lol

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I meant @galfert ‘ s response from Lutron yesterday, as opposed to the response they’ve been giving for the previous two weeks. But we’ll see.

Is it something that a custom DH could be made for?

Any updates on the availability of the Lutron Fan Control Switches in SmartThings?

Here is the latest update I received from Lutron in early July:

I completely understand your frustration and I wish there was more I could do on our end to help expedite this. We’ve done everything we need to in order to have the fan controller work with SmartThings. At this point we’re waiting on Samsung to finish the update on the SmartThings side in order for them to work with us. As soon as they finish the required update, the fan controller will then be included with the rest of the Caseta system. I unfortunately do not have a timeline for when they plan on completing or releasing this update.

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One more update from Lutron - I asked how I would know when the integration with the fan controller would be completed, since there is no indication anywhere besides this forum that it does not work with SmartThings. This was their response:

Sorry for the delay, but there won’t be an announcement from us as the firmware on your bridge and the fan control are already compatible with SmartThings. The only thing that is preventing the fan control from working with SmartThings is their interface. Their bridge is not ready to work with the fan control, and as soon as they update their system to support the fan control you’ll be able to use it. There is nothing that needs to be done on our end to make our fan control work with their system.

I have returned all of my Lutron Fan Controllers, so I guess I’ll continue to watch the boards to determine when they are supported.

If you’re heavily invested in Lutron Caseta already, you might want to consider Hubitat due to its excellent native LAN integration with the SmartBridgePRO and RadioRA2 devices. Hubitat has had support for the Lutron Fan Controller for a few months now. You also get full Pico remote support within Hubitat. Options are a good thing!


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