Looking for recommendations for Zwave switches, including fan switches

I need a few more Zwave switches to finish up my HA. They are…

#1. Ceiling Fan control switch. Lights are on a separate circuit / wiring. I need an in wall switch to turn the fan on / off and control the speeds.
#2. 2 On / Off dimmer for single bulb fixture. One is for my bedroom hallway. Very short hallway (8’) with a small single bulb fixture and decorative globe. I will be using an Ecosense A19 Edison style dimmable bulb for this fixture. The other will use an Ecosmart A19 100w equivalent dimmable bulb. I am thinking the Zooz Zen 27 would work here, but what about minimum load?
#3. 2 Dual bulb fixtures, Ecosense A19 all glass LED bulbs. Figuring on using Zooz Zen 27 here…
#4. The real troublemaker. Switch / controller for fan speed and light kit for a hugger style ceiling fan

I am VERY happy so far with Zooz, so if they have a good option I would give them first consideration, Mostly wanting to do business with smaller businesses if at all possible…

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Nothing has changed on fan switches since the last couple of times we talked about it. The Lutron Caseta fan switch has been released, but it does not yet have an integration with SmartThings, and of course it’s not Zwave. . :disappointed_relieved:

See the community FAQ for the various options that work with SmartThings. The thread title mentions Alexa, but it’s the same devices whether you are going to use Alexa or not.

And community discussion of the Lutron Caseta fan switch:

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I am thinking, unless I am mistaken…

#1. For the single bulb fixtures Zen 27…
#2. For the ceiling fan only control, GE / Jasco 14287 GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Control, Speed ONLY.

The biggest sticking point I think is the hugger fan. I know Zooz is coming up with something this calendar year. I am hopeful it is something I can install at the fan end to control both the fan and lights, without needing the canopy / down rod type arrangement.

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For light switches, you have to decide if you can/want to use dimmer vs switches and decide which features you want. There’s also the aesthetic of the switches too - Lutron is great but very different looking. IMO - the upcoming Inovellis offer the biggest bang for the buck at $30 a piece (pre-order price), especially when you consider the features (scene control, controllable rgb LEDs, easy 3-way, no neutral required, power monitoring)

I actually just wrote a blog post about this: https://www.housesmarty.com/2019/05/smart-switches-lutron-zooz-inovelli-ge.html if you want more detail on a number of great switches.


The Zooz Fan / Dimmer switch will replace an existing switch that controls both the fan and the light part of a the ceiling fan so it should work here. Neutral wire will be required here as usual.


14/3 Ronex I assume? Working on a shopping list…

Looks like 2 more Zen 27s, 10 Zen 26s, and the light / fan controller assuming it’s a dimmer…

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The fan/dimmer combo switch will need a direct connection to power, neutral, load 1 (motor), and load 2 (light). It will only be a single pole switch so no direct 3-way capability (virtual 3-way will be possible as usual).

This is the ceiling fan in the dressing Room the Box coming to it has a 14/2 feeding it, and a 14/2 going to the fan.

The fan is less than 10’ up an over box to box.A tug of the wire says it moves freely in the wall, su o swapping out to 14/3 on this would be easy… I think I’ve mentioned before this should actually be a fairly easy swap in in this one situation.

The guest bathroom 3 way that I still have to put the Zen 22 in needs 14/3 as well but it’s much harder to get to through the wall since the cables seem to be stapled in place.

It would be nice to not have to replace this particular ceiling fan it’s in good shape and it looks really nice where it is.

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The budget is not therefore it right now but I have the shopping list done

I need…
2 more Zen 27 dimmers. 1 for guest bath, 1 for hallway.
9 Zen 26 non dimmers. Driveway, laundry room, front closet, porch light, 3 new circuits for floodlights, 2 for attic lights.
1 of the upcoming Zooz fan / light controllers assuming the lights are dimmable.
2 more NuTone standard on off 15 amp For the bathroom fans.
One G.E. 3 speed fan controller.
2 more Hampton Bay zigbee ceiling fan and light controllers.

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Is this out yet? I can’t find it on your site.

Not yet, this is still in development, we’re hoping to bring it out in the summer. We’ll keep you posted!


Waiting with baited breath, and a 50’ length of 14/3 ready to restring this and the 3 way bathroom circuit…

I am going to make this work!

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