Lowe's store-wide clearance sale including some Iris products

Yup, been doing that, but after awhile it becomes noisy again with all the dust, crunched-up bugs, etc. I left the massive black widow that’s camped out near the foot of one of the roller rails — she’s keeping the other bugs in check :smile:

Go ahead, get the Chamberlain … it might never be this low ($) again … :laughing:

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Use specific garage door track & cable lubricant. Works better and will last way longer than WD40


I can verify with someone else finding that the 3210-L Iris Smart Plug has Z-wave Plus label inside. I just added 2 to the hub and they were connected much faster than my older 3210-L. I even put one in the basement around 50 feet away from the hub with wall and floor in between. It got connected within seconds. Note that these Smart Plugs are also Zigbee devices.

You paired each device twice, right?

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On the third Lowes I visited in my area, I found a fancy display with three of the Chamberlain openers. The sign said $348, but that sucker rang up at $87. Thanks for the heads up, guys!


i just found a couple Orbit hose valves controllable by Iris/SmartThings via zigbee. i saw them on a clearance shelf by the lightbulbs last week but didn’t notice the Iris logo. they were $10 each, regular $40. DH here seems to work, valve clicks at least (haven’t hooked to hose yet)



Now that I could use. I have 28 of them for $10 each within 15 miles of me…I think I need at least two…

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Check for reviews… Last time I checked, they weren’t very good/sturdy

I had one of these a while back and found it to be horrible… horrible enough that I returned it.

My advice, get a zigbee repeater and put it fairly close to it. Also, have your automation send
the on and off commands several times.

Good luck and I hope it works good for you.

For $10 I’ll try it. I would think one of the biggest issues is getting a zigbee signal outside as @bamarayne mentioned which for me shouldn’t be a issue. My outdoor faucets just happened to be on exterior walls that have zigbee plugs within 5 - 6 feet on the interior wall.

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I bought one for $20 last year and have it connected to my Iris hub. It works fine for simple timed watering and starting and stopping as needed.

I just picked up another one for $10. I thought with a Y adapter, I can have it set up to start watering an area and then switch over to another hose to start watering a second area. Would it be easier to just drag the hose to a new spot? Probably, but what is the fun in that.


mine paired only once. how do you pair it as two devices?

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You pair it once as Zigbee outlet and then again as Z-wave device. There are 2 separate radios in it.

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Anyone need water sensors? I’m heading to lowes over lunch and they have several more at $9.75.

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I’d love to get 2 or 3!

Are you talking about item #782303?


That’s the one!

Just PM me, I’ll pick some up for you. We can work out the shipping details etc, not needing to make a profit really, just figured I could help someone out.


I got a couple Utilitech flood sensor for $7.5 each. I also got one Iris water sensor too.