Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

I was not even aware of the word HA! Talking 10 yrs back!

Can’t find it either anywhere. Also looking forward to lightstrip plus this month…

Has anyone tried this with a fridge or freezer? Place the sensor outside? Inside? I have a freezer that needs monitoring as it gets left cracked open sometimes. Monitoring both temp and open/close would be awesome.

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Many people have done this, just search the forums for refrigerator or freezer. For example:

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Theres a kit for sale now at Lowes, with the new items, and includes the new panic button. If someone can get this button to work with ST, my WAF would go waaaay up.


I bought two contact sensors today and haven’t been able to get them to pair with the hub. I published the Iris contact sensor device definition which appeared earlier in this thread. Any advice on pairing? It just sits on the “Looking for new things” screen.

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I still can’t find but the old version of those sensors in my area… Did the Lowes where you bought these have them on the shelves yet?

Regarding the pairing, did you put the hub in Include mode first and then pull the tab for the battery? And, how close to the hub were you?

I got it paired finally. I’m a little embarrassed as to the cause. :blush: The battery fell out and I put it in upside down. Once I corrected it, it did find the sensor but put it in “not configured” status. I configured it and it is working well.

Yes, my Lowes had tons of the new contact sensors and motion sensors on the shelves in the Iris area. Note that I was there last Thursday or Friday and there were none then.


Sweet! Would you mind saying what part of the US?

Yes, I’m in the Indianapolis metro area.

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Thanks…I use to live in Lafayette, but now I’m a bit far for a drive over…guess I need to keep waiting.

I picked a couple of the motion sensors up today. Each sensor was $25, so they’ve updated the pricing at my Lowes for sure. Lowes only had the old sensors on the shelves, the new ones were in brown shipping boxes (small ones) below the shelves. Each box was labeled “motion sensor” or “contact sensor.” The new hardware is in purple cardboard display boxes, the old hardware is in plastic clamshell packaging.

They were pretty easy to pair.

  1. Go to Connect new device in the app
  2. Open the bottom of the sensor and pull the tab from the battery
  3. Let the app spin for a while
  4. Force close app (this is a bug, as stated earlier in this thread I believe
  5. Open app again and you will see a “non-configured” device
  6. Click on the unconfigured device and edit the name and location
  7. Log in to graph.api.smartthings.com from computer and navigate to your devices
  8. Click on the new device in the list and click “edit device”
  9. Change “Type” to “SmartSension Motion/Temp Sensor”
  10. Save and enjoy.

Everything will be updated in the app. It will show “Motion”, temp, battery in the thing screen in the app.

Sorry if this is super basic, seen a few questions. I didn’t feel like hacking together profiles to make this happen and figured a few others, like me, will pick up a few cheaper sensors. I know there are some decent ones out there, but these are nice because I can have them same day and they aren’t big at all. Everything seems to be working swimmingly.


Are these things zigbee or zwave?

Zigbee and 20 characters.

They are zigbee.

(20 characters)

I opened my second contact sensor to see if I could get it to pair with my Wink hub and noticed it was packed differently - the first one I opened must have already been returned. What the heck? At least it works. :smile:

There’s also a $99 kit that includes new keypad, motion sensor and two contact sensors.


Ooh! Keypad for SHM maybe? But the button is a must have. I already have a minimote, but need a single.

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Could someone post the all the Lowes Item #s and Model #s to help identify which devices work?

Also, has anyone popped these open to see if they have external inputs like the monoprice door sensor?


They don’t handle cats at all. They go off with the tiniest bit of movement.