Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

Not that we need more confirmation but I picked a few of these up over the weekend. As stated above not on the shelf they were with the overstock in brown boxes labeled “motion” and “contact”. The boxes were small and each contained 4 sensors.

I got two motion and one contact for $84.77 with tax.

They paired fine following the instructions above (needed to go back in and change the type after pairing).

So far they are working well. They are tiny and very sensitive.

I’ll try and provide an update when the battery finally dies.

Do the new boxes say “Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) 1.2” anywhere? Or the new user manuals?

They do say Zigbee HA 1.2 on the side of the box.

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Anybody get the new keypad and/or panic button? If those are ZHA 1.2, we’re off to the races! The keypad might still have some issues to get everything sorted out, but the panic button should be pretty simple.


The panic button could have alot of uses besides the obvious :smile:

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They keypad is gonna be fun. I’m just waiting on my Lowes to get it, I can’t wait to hack away on a device type for it.


Keep us posted!!
My lowes still only has the old products so far.

@JDRoberts Yes you rang ole master? :smile: I think your pinging me cause you know I couldn’t resist writing a custom device type for this keypad. You know me so well but it looks like several are going to beat me to it. Good thing, I’m head deep into another article and wouldn’t have time to get to for a week or two.

Can’t wait to see how this works out!!


We still have to wait to make sure that the new keypad is in fact ZHA 1.2, not the older Iris-specific zigbee, but it looks like the odds are good. I knew you’d be interested anyway. :sunglasses:

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There is already someone working on it :wink: check on the SHM feature request treadh

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I don’t know that the Xfinity Centralite keypad and the Iris Centralite keypad are going to work exactly the same. However, the device type might be able to be modified to support both or be forked to create a second variant…


I though they were the same :smile: sorry, i think both are made by centralite so that shouldnt be hard to do

Does anyone know when Lowe release these new devices officially? I went to my local Lowe store over the weekend. They still displayed the old devices. These new devices are cheaper than ST’s.

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Hey guys, quick question. Do the older Iris sensors work with smart things? I just purchased one from Lowes in the clear plastic packaging. It was about 15 bucks. In fact you can see it in some of the pictures that folks have taken. Before I even opened it to try it, does anyone know if it works? I would assume its not locked just to Iris?

The older ones will not work with Smartthings or anything other than Iris. They use a proprietary zigbee coding that is not compatible.

If you want something that works with Smartthings, look for “zigbee home automation 1.2” ( usually abbreviated ZHA 1.2 ). It’s still not a guarantee of compatibility but it’s the right place to start.

That’s why the community is so excited about these new models from Iris. Most of them are being manufactured to the ZHA 1.2 standard, which the previous models were not.


no, $15 in clear plastic ones doesn’t work. $24 in purple/pink paper box with HA1.2 endorsement on the side work good as open/closed and temperature sensor with device type adjustement.


None at my store (Atlanta area). They looked them up in the computer and there are none in the entire region. For those that have found them - where do you live?

Anyone find any on the east coast? Cant seem to find any locations with them in stock online.

I’m in the Upper Midwest,

I thought I read somewhere that they aren’t officialy releasing these until this week or next.

Maybe it varies by store.

I was in Lowe’s the other day and saw them stocking them. They are clearing the old ones out. I’m in south Texas by the way. They only had the open/close sensors though. I didnt see any motions out yet.