Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

How far is your mailbox? haven’t measured but im sure that its a little out of range.
Is it inside metal mailbox? No, plastic
How many walls between sensor and last repeater or hub? Mostly unobstructed with a glass door.
Was battery really dead or just sensor reporting wrong? Not sure how the battery reports as the level declines when i checked on the meter it read 2.7 volts (3 volt battery).

So. It looks like all above combined. :smile:

@rjt246 I have an original smartsense multi (zigbee) in my metal mailbox and its reporting was erratic until I put a zigbee plug (acts as a repeater) in the garage which is in the middle between my hub and mailbox which is about 37 feet from the hub and another 34 feet to the mailbox. My battery is reporting 77% and its been several months now. Maybe a zigbee device would work better for you?

Iris open/close is zigbee

Oh, then I would definitely try a repeater.

Mine paired no problem. If I remember correctly the app found it, spun for a while trying to identify it. I gave up after a minute. I saw the I had an unconfigured device and there it was ‘Thing’. I’m using the SmartPower Dimming Outlet device type.

I get to step 10 without issue but I am making some assumptions. What is IDE and IDA? Are all actions being taken within the SmartThings android app? When you indicate “the device’s event log” I am looking in “room > SmartSense Motion Sensor > Recently” is that the log? I have also looked under Things, appears to be the same.

any help is appreciated, I think I am close, I can get it found and to Not configured, removed and repeat as needed.

IDE is found here: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment

And I think IDA was a typo… should be IDE

That is correct, so I just edited the post above to fix it.

The IDE is an important part of your overall SmartThings experience. You’ll definitely need to use it for stuff like this, publishing your our apps, and lots of other things.

Thank you for the quick response; however, I am unable to login to download. Did you need to get special access granted?

It’s been so long for me I can’t remember, but you should just be able to log in with the same credentials as the phone app, Ithink. You should also do a quick search in the community for more help on using the IDE. I’m mobile right now, so I can’t easily post those discussions here for you right now.

Good deal, this works great. thank you diehllane for the quick responses to get me going.

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I’m fighting with an Iris Contact Sensor. It pairs, sends the configure command, and reports battery/temperature, but the open/closed status never updates. I’ve got several in use already that work just fine. Anyone seen this behavior and have a fix, or is it just a bad unit?

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May want to go through this:

Thanks! I knew something like that post was out there but I just wasn’t hitting the correct search terms. Will give it a shot.

It’s always worth running the standard checklist, but some people are reporting exactly this behavior as a platform issue today:

Oh, for crying out loud. :angry:

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So, tonight when I went to bed I was scrolled through my list of “things” to make sure everything was set correctly. (cause the trust level ain’t quite there yet) Well, I noticed that my garage lights were on. Odd…
I checked it out and my door sensor was “Open”. Nothing too strange there, I’ve had it get stuck once before. I just opened and closed the door and all was good. So, I strolled down the stairs to give it a shot… that was an hour and a half ago.

I spent about 45 minutes trying to reset the stupid thing… Pretty sure it’s reset… maybe… pretty sure though… but it might not be.

So, yeah… getting frustrated I grabbed the sensor out of my freezer (actually just the magnet). I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a magnetized door frame or something (even though it’s made of wood… hey, it’s 2:30 am, cut me some slack).

Ok, so, no change there. Oh, did I mention that I got the stupid thing excluded and can’t get it back? Yeah, well, I just mentioned it.

I then looked in the app and noticed that the freezer sensor was not changing state either. So, I looked at the history on the two… nothing in 12 hours on one and 4 hours on the other.

So, off I run to the foyer to see if that sensor is working. It flashes green when I open the closet door… but I can only see that pretty little light because the light in the closet is dark… (the closet is like a fridge, open the door and the light comes on)… well, no light on… just flashy green sensor light thingy… ugh!!!

Next step… reboot hub with a 15 minute wait…

12 minutes…

ok, hubs back… but not the sensors… WTF!!!

Well, it’s not a zigbee thing, my GE Link bulbs are still working.

None of my contact sensors are working…

I have 3 New generation Iris contact sensors that have all failed in the past 4-12 hours.

They are not reporting, they are stuck in that last state they were in before failing, they were working just fine… and now… nothing… just nothing…

Is anyone else having this little glitch?

Nope just checked and two iris open / closed sensors are functioning normally.

I guess it’s just my luck… I’ve had so few problems I guess it’s time for my system to go afu! Merry Christmas to me!