Lowes Deal-of-The-Day Samsung Connect 3 pack AC1300 $89 6/28/18

I have been debating whether to give the Connect mesh system a try since I have dead spots around my home, especially the garage and basement. Lowe’s has the Samsung Connect 3 pack (not Pro) on Lowes.com deal-of-the-day for $89 so I picked one up. At that price it’s worth a shot to see if it will improve both wifi and Smartthings coverage.

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just be forewarned you will have to setup your SmartThings environment from scratch

Is the hub portion of the Connect set any different than the V2 hub?

Each satellite has a zigbee and z-wave repeater, which is nice. But it runs a slightly older version of hub firmware, so it supports less local devices

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Thanks…good to know. Does that mean I will have to reload all the device handlers and SmartApps too?

That would be a good questions for support. If you currently login with a Samsung account, probably not.

Since I already have a hub, can these be used just as extender ?

Not with a V2 hub