Samsung Connect 3pk - zigbee/z-wave repeater or not?

I bought the Samsung Connect 3pack thinking it was the fix for my long-standing range issues. After a long series of setup problems, I then ran into the problem of the secondary pucks not relaying zwave/zigbee. (WTH…?!?)

I checked here and saw various people saying “it’s coming”. I waited, and waited, and… Last weekend, I called Samsung support (twice). One person said it’s definitely deployed and should “just work”. The second person said it’s definitely NOT deployed yet…

I’m running out of time for returning what might be vapor ware to the store and I do not have time this weekend to do another full test.

Can anyone else confirm? Is the zwave/zigbee now repeating via the secondary Connect pucks or not?

I haven’t seen a single article, advertisements, specification, or user manual claiming that the 3pk repeats or participates in the ZigBee and/or Z-Wave mesh.

Where did you get this impression?
Are all 3 units identical? (If not, then it’s highly likely only the “main” unit contains ZigBee/Z-Wave chipset at all).

Just buy a couple of $30 outlets (a certain model of Iris from Lowes is ZigBee controlled but supposedly will also act as a Z-Wave repeater).

Of course, an ideal scenario would be if the WiFi mesh could be used as a backbone to route ZigBee and/or Z-Wave to the closest unit, but the protocol doesn’t support thus type of bridging.

While I appreciate your response, it doesn’t seem like you have the answer to my question.

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, all 3 pucks in the kit function identically. EXCEPT, (originally anyway) the only one that acts as a SmartThings hub was the one connected directly to the house internet connection. (Doesn’t seem to matter which of the 3 you use, they all work this way.)
  2. I have already been using the repeater approach. It requires extra hardware for each type of mesh and having to find places to plug each repeater in and sequence pairing of a large number of devices to avoid hub connection limits is a pain. Also, having to have just one master hub in a central location doesn’t work well with my home. I ended up using a secondary wifi repeater to get from one end of my house to the only place the main ST hub could sort-of work. I’d much rather have 3 devices, designed to work together, and be done with it.
  3. I read, repeatedly on several forums, and from company reps, that extended zwave/zigbee repeater support was being added, and would “eventually” be updated into the pucks. I wouldn’t have bought the kit if it wasn’t, and I’ll be returning it to the store (before the return deadline) if it’s not working.
  4. “the protocol” that would relay data to the secondary pucks, would supposedly be wifi. Wifi doesn’t care if it’s web traffic, or zigbee/zwave traffic. It’s all just data.

I empathize, believe it or not; and I think a lot of SmartThings Community members do/will to. Hub V2 was discussed for months prior to its release, and was promised (by SmartThings executives, no less!) do to so much more than it does; though most of those promises were pre-release (Bluetooth, flexible local execution, cellular backup USB dongles, …). I suppose those could have been your clues that it isn’t wise to count on “company reps” promising support. Not saying “told ya so”… but let this be lesson to future consumers of every and anything.

I’m glad you are within the return window, if that ZigBee/Z-Wave repeater functionality was the basis for your purchase decision.

Realistically and respectfully, this is far too optimistic of the capabilities of any consumer ZigBee/Z-Wave functionality at this time. There are no consumer “extenders” that use WiFi (IP) as a intermediary transmission backbone that I’m aware of. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even exist in commercial applications.

Some of this smart home stuff works so magically well, that it is understandable to believe the marketing hype and the promises of CTO’s and engineers, and our own intuitions as to how things should work.

I can’t conclusively say that the Samsung Connect system won’t ever have the abilities you expected; but I pretty confident assuming that you’ve been misled regarding the current abilities and any enhancements in the short term.

Yah: I always conclude this type of post with “I hope I’m wrong”; however, my cynicism is rarely incorrect.

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Might I point out that, I asked if someone actually knows if Samsung/SmartThings has created and deployed the necessary software or not. No amount of negative conjecture will answer that question…

Here’s hoping that someone who has an informed answer will respond before Sunday afternoon.

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At the risk if sounding like a jerk (you already know I am… :crazy_face:)

Why not ask the same forums in which you “read, repeatedly that extended zwave/zigbee repeater support was being added, and would “eventually” be updated into the pucks”? Aren’t they the experts?

Or or the designated support email for Connect?

But yah… The SmartThings Community Forum is a possibly a good place to find someone who has actually figured and experienced that the Connect works as you were led to believe. I just think there aren’t as many Connect users here than on the other places you researched previously (and I’m curious as to what they were).

And Facebook? …

I have been looking for a Z-Wave/Zigbee repeater over Ethernet/WiFi for months. It does not exist.

Currently the Connect Home mesh is limited to Wi-Fi.

If you have a 3-pack, only one will be the Zigbee/Z-Wave controller (Hub) and the other units will not serve as repeaters.


Brad_ST, thanks for the response. Back it goes.

Any idea if the expanded zigbee/z-wave coverage really is being actively worked on? Or, is it just a “good idea” that management hasn’t decided to fund yet?

I will say that if it isn’t being worked on (with a real deadline and everything), that Samsung is seriously missing a bet -and- wasting production cost putting extra radio hardware in the secondary pucks. You’ve got the hardware to make a significant differentiation against your competitors. Obviously, I’d buy it if you got it working…

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C’mon, John… You know that SmartThings doesn’t give out deadlines … don’t you? And if they published one - would you believe it?

Common situation: What would you do if they missed it? SmartThings sold thousands upon thousands of Hubs to customers who were explicitly given the expectation that Bluetooth would be enabled within “a few months” and a migration tool would be out by December 31, 2015. I guess some of those customers returned the product - but not most.

Hub V2 was postponed 2 or 3 times from announced dates - Actually, I think only twice, because they never gave a 3rd date until it was within the same week. The Samsung TV SmartThings “Extend USB Stick” was announced at CES (I think?), postponed a couple times, and then canceled. Promises from Samsung SmartThings became extinct after that.

That “extra radio hardware” cost (SoC’s) only $0.50 to $2.00 per Hub – probably less. The cost of developing and maintaining the software/firmware, providing training and technical support for when it doesn’t work as expected… that’s a bigger investment.

As I said: You came here looking for an answer, and Brad (of who I recommended you contact…) gave it to you. I’m sorry that you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for.

And … I apologize for being primarily negative in this thread. Call it trolling if you want; but actually, I’m just studying consumer behavior. I’m truly fascinated by the chasm between consumer expectations, marketing, and the actual products and features that companies decide to deliver. I study these cases because i know my own expectations (as a consumer) are biased. I’ve been on the exact other side of this situation with respect to my disappointment in the hidden charges of my new broadband service. How dare they lure me in with a low cost and tack on conditions and fees that will double the price in 12 months? Or how could I be so stupid as to believe the unbelievable deal? What the heck does Motorola not enable the FM Radio chip in my Moto X phone? Plenty of folks have pointed out the irony or hypocrisy. Keeps me on my toes.

Best of luck with whatever product you switch to. And may all our mesh networks be healthy.

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Maybe something has changed:

it clearly states that “You can add additional Connect Home Wi-Fi Hubs that will act as ZigBee and Z-Wave repeaters and can be used to extend the range of your ZigBee and Z-Wave networks, in addition to extending your Wi-Fi network.”
“Connecting the sub hub will automatically extend your Wi-Fi network and ZigBee and Z-Wave mesh networks”

Any one can confirm if this is true


I’ll tag @Brad_ST since he was the one that commented on this above.

I was seriously looking at the current Connect sale and wondering the same thing. My Wifi is fine, but if I could turn off the Connect Wifi and use it just for ZigBee/Z-wave mesh I would jump on them.

Sorry for the delay. Yes, with the 20.x firmware update that Connect Homes received a few weeks ago, the sub hubs should act as repeaters for Zigbee/Z-Wave.

Customer support doesn’t have visibility into the routing so if a user has sub hubs, they can only assume they are acting as repeaters. I’ve been interested in testing it out but have been bogged down with some other exciting stuff.


Brad - thank you for confirming. Now the taught part. What is least painful way to migrate from ST v2 to Samsung Connect Home. Other than disconnecting all of connected things and than reconnecting them all - one by one - back to new Connect Home, all while loosing all my routines etc.