Looking for special z wave switch


I have some Hafele(Loox LED driver) undercabinet lighting that I would like to control with S.T. The existing switch is a push button switch. With the switch removed (just bare wires) the lights are on when the circuit is open and the lights turn off when the wires are touched together.

I think I need a zwave switch the is ‘normally closed’. That way when I turn the switch ‘on’ the circuit opens and the light turns on.

The switch voltage is 54vac, but I also have 120vac right there. Ideally I would like to power the device with 120vac and have a zwave switch close when I turn it on. Can anyone recommend a device or a solution? I would prefer smaller, but I have lots of space if it were to be a physical smart switch.

good luck - Jim

What country are you in? ZWave is geo dependent…

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What you’re looking for is called a dry contact relay.

Not something I’ve had any experience with but lots of uses pop up on the forums.

Search the forums for “dry contact relay”. The ones I’ve seen mentioned most are Mimolite, Quibino, and Fibaro. But I’m sure there are others.

As @nathancu said, you’ll need to find one for your country. But I don’t think you’ll have any trouble.

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Is this the ticket??? FortrezZ I could just get a 12vdc power adapter. I just realized I have one of these on my garage door openers and it has a ‘NC’ contact. -Jim

Sorry - USA

Zooz Zen16


Or Zooz Zen17


Yes, looks like that would do it, but it’s an expensive option.

The Zooz Zen17 (link in my post above) is on sale for under $30 and their 12VDC power supply is under $5.

I’ve not used this device but I do have a couple dozen Zooz smart switches and dimmers. Good devices and excellent support.

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Ewelink / MHCozy have some zigbee relays on Amazon that are pretty cheap, if you aren’t firm on using Z-wave.

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