Low voltage lighting with a GE Z-Wave outdoor plug?

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Long time lover of ST, first time poster. I finally jumped on the ST band wagon with their Thanksgiving deal. Way too good to pass up. My kit should be here today. I cannot wait. My first third party purchase was a new door lock for our front door. Cannot wait to see how this works.

That being said, I am currently working on a backyard project for to surprise my wife while she is out of the country for work. Part of this project is installing low voltage lighting in a new rock garden I am building. I no stranger to low voltage lighting installation. What I am wondering though is this:

I have seen several other threads talking about using a low voltage transformer along with a GE Z-Wave outdoor plug.

The transformer I am going to be using is the Moonrays 95431 120 watt pack.

Should these two play nice together? I have read of others talking about the transformer killing the plug but I think those were a much higher wattage and perhaps the initial jolt when turning on was too much for the plug to handle.

The lights are only 2 watt LED bulbs and there will only be six to start with. This may eventually go up to around 12. Even then they would only be pulling around 24 watts total.


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I have my outdoor low voltage transformers plugged into Iris plugs and it works just fine!

Sounds like a cool project. You should share photos when you’re done!

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Someone just posted this deal, though you might be interested. GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Outdoor Module for $22.90


I do as well, could change to a permanent receptacle, but lazy. Bought 4 last year when Lowe’s had the close out deals - $10.00 ea. Use 1 for a small pump in the basement and 1 for landscape lights. Just plugged another one in for additional outdoor Christmas lighting.

The lights work flawless with the GE outdoor module. Loving it!!!