Landscaping Transformer

So my landscaping lighting transfer died. I had it in a GE outdoor plug and turned it on and off that way. I don’t know if the spikes from that lead to the death of the transformer but I digress. So my question is, does anyone know of a landscaping transformer with built in zigbee or zwave?

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Just FYI… I have 150w of 12 volt LEDs (halogen bulb replacements) on a 600w landscape transformer on old Aeotec Z-Wave appliance module and its worked great for over a couple years now.

I blew out attempts to use Z-Wave dimmers though.

I put the outlet module in a TV Cable management box, cuz I actually have 2 other smart outlets in it (a dimmable Christmas / lantern string, and a 1400w heater).

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I was tired of issues and failures. I bought one of the 12-volt supplies through Amazon, mounted in the basement and use an Iris wall wart. I had to drill a 1/4 hole, but much better than having it outside. I also get watt usage.