I’m dreaming, of a smart Christmas

With new zwave plugs from jasco…

Had one already. But last year one of my electro-mechanical light timers conked out - so I ordered two more of the outdoor Ge/jasco zwave outdoor plugs. I also set up a mounting hook for the backyard one as last year it had trouble communicating thru brick. So this year it’s hung under a bow window, about three feet from an indoor zwave repeater. Keeps it protected (aside from the cold) from weather.

The two new ones will be used in the garage for the front yard displays. The location has already been tested, and communication works well there.

It’s still, after a couple years of this, amazing me a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m with you on that. I picked up up a pair of GE plugs with integration in mind.

I ordered a couple of the Echo Dot- tplink plug combos. For $35, it’s a great deal. Last year the Dot was $40 on Black Friday. I’m giving the Dots as gifts anyway… so I acquire a pair of simple smart plugs for free essentially. While they will be mostly voice control instances, they can also be integrated with ST easily enough via IFTTT etc.

Additionally, bestbuy is getting a return from me. My Ecobee3 Lite is going back, because they would not price match their own previous sales this weekend. I’ll use the opportunity to upgrade to the ecobee4, which has the occupancy sensor and the external sensor AND Alexa for a mere $30 more than I paid for the 3 Lite.

EDIT: did the return/exchange. Told them why.

Similar situation here. GE outdoor plug in the front and back. Christmas tree and stairs garland on Iris plugs (amazing how much power a tree with incadescent lights draws). Lightify RGBW bulbs on the garage carriage lights set to red and green. Half way through the outdoor Lightify strips under the deck railing. Waiting on a connector to turn the corner. The wife says these look redneck :man_shrugging: