Low battery notification from ST!?


ST support low battery notification now? Received this alert this am.

(Bobby) #2

How did you sign up for it? I didn’t see a sign up sheet…

Update: forgot to drop :smile: at the end of my post… :smile:

(Toby) #3

Nice! I didn’t know that this existed.


I’m really not sure where the notification came from, perhaps a new feature!

(Stephen Hill) #5

I’ve been getting them for a while now - unfortunately it keeps saying 1% battery remaining (that was 3 weeks ago and it’s still going strong!).

(Greg) #6

I got one this morning also. Says my motion has 0% battery, in app it shows as 22% and it is reporting motion accurately.


22% is closed to flat, the device don’t report the exact number, so I’m not surprised with that

(Bobby) #8

Is this iOS app, mine doesn’t look anything like it on Android…


Yes, iOS…

(Aaron S) #10

We have always had the low battery notifications, but they were buggy/broken for a long time. One of the ongoing (less sexy) projects we have in the works is better proactive updates on the status connectivity/health/etc. of your device. There might have been a change that kickstarted notifications for some users.

If so, the reason you are getting wishy-washy notifications is because battery levels fluctuate (partially the reason we report in tiers). I believe we are sending notifications every time the battery level crosses a certain threshold. As we improve the device health framework, we will add in conditions to prevent false positives (e.g., wait for two low battery reports in X minutes before pushing a notification). This is the very early phases of a new feature set - stay tuned for updates!

(Bobby) #11

Coming soon to a hub near you!

(Greg) #12

So my motion sensor that ST reported was 0% but showed 22% died last night.

Seems ST was right on the mark with the notification. :tada:

(j w) #13

Just out of curiosity, were you alerted that it died? How did you know it was no longer functioning?

(Greg) #14

My motion based lighting automations weren’t working. But to your point, check out “Simple Device Viewer” it can notify you if a device hasn’t been heard from in a period of time you specify.

(j w) #15

I’m using a third party app as well. I was just wondering if you knew based on something built into ST, rather than a third party app most people wouldn’t know about.

@Aaron, I hope that whatever you guys are building takes into account not just low battery warnings, but devices that stop responding at all without a low batter warning first. I think about water sensors throughout a house. Whatever you build, it should be able to alert a user that a water sensor hasn’t responding in, say, 24 hours, and is therefore likely dead, whether it be a battery failure or something else. To gregs point, much like some third party apps. The worst thing that could happen to a user is to have a leak, only to find out that the water sensor itself hadn’t been communicating for months!

Just a suggestion, but I hope you guys create a built in solution for this type of scenario. Thx!