Device Health Notifications in New App?

Am I missing how we get enable device health in the new app or is not available? I searched the community and can’t seem to find any conversation about this. I miss it for the purpose of the SHM not going off at 3a due to batter issue in a motion sensor.

Device health is enabled by default and there is no way to turn it off in the new app. It does not send push notifications, though.

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Bummer…so you have to actively check battery health…man that’s a bummer. I liked that feature. Thanks for your response!

actually, low battery does send push notifications. I think it’s a fixed value where anything below 15% sends a push notification once a day.

I’m not sure it does…what prompted this thread is all my Iris motions show 0% and I have an open case for it. You have any? Battery Health working? Seems to coincide with the maintenance today but call me a pessimist. :smirk:

i’ll try and capture a screen shot next time I get one

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I got notifications starting at 15%. However, I also had some batteries die while reporting over 15% so I never got the notification. These were on Samsung contact sensors. I think there are still some issues in ST’s battery reporting.

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Here’s the notification. I have noticed I think they stop once the device is totally dead and not reporting any more. And as @Paul_DeFeo said, this all relies on the DTH properly calculating the remaining %.

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Thanks…I had this exact instance happen last week around 245a where the alarm when off and when I checked it was a motion sensor that had no juice left…this wasn’t the first time the issue has happened but I was the first time I can remember not getting some indication that the battery was dying. Fingers crossed support figures out the Iris motion battery issue.