%1$s has less than %2$d% battery remaining

I started to see recently this push notification from (probably) one of my motion sensors both from the Classic and New App.

%1$s has less than %2$d% battery remaining. Change or replace the battery.

Indeed it reports 1%, but it does it for months and still works. But this message is quite new.

Can someone shed some light where this message is exactly coming from and where the limit should be defined?

Maybe it is a new UI bug or something under development. @Brad_ST, can you file a bug report if it hasn’t logged yet? Thanks!

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Yup, getting exactly the same notification. Not a clue what it is, but it’s just started over the last couple of days.

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If that is literally the message then, when it comes to printing out the placeholders instead of the values, I am sure a lot of us have been there and done that . However I am somewhat surprised to see it make it to a live environment. Someone, somewhere, will be getting funny looks.

Me too. ST motion sensor.

Also, (occurred at the same time as the %% notification first appeared), one of my ST outlets is now showing offline despite working correctly in automations and when operated from the home screen.

Edit: Hub reboot resolved the offline device issue

There was a deployment today that looks to have addressed this issue.


Thanks @Brad_ST! The deployment was successful and fixed it.

Garage Motion Sensor has less than 15% battery remaining. Charge or replace the battery.

By the way, where is the option to change the limit or turn it off?


Looks like you can now set the limit in the DTH

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