Low battery level notification?

I have a big mix of devices that use up batteries at different rates. Some will hit low and then dead in like a day. Some will hit low (~10%) then sit there for weeks and can even go a while on ~1%. Due to this I shut off the built in ST low battery warning because it got annoying to get notices repeatedly and relied on Device Monitor to send a weekly reminder. Device Monitor still works great for most of my devices, but I have a bunch of the Visonic MCT-340 E (got from MyDigitalDiscount) that will sit on the ~10% mark for what seems like forever, and for some reason I cannot get Device Monitor to alert me when they are low or even dead no matter how I try to change the setup. It used to work great, but stopped working several months ago and since the app isn’t really supported anymore (I think back end ST changes made it tough to make work) I figure time to look for a new solution. I can see that the built in ST automation can send battery based notifications, but I don’t think it can repeat them. Also kind of a pain to have to setup individual automations, but if that worked, I am game. I use the repeat notices as I am happy enough to ignore them until the sensors die unless I am going to be out of town for a while so use the reminder to change the batteries in that instance.

So how are people using to monitor low battery now? Any good suggestions to get notices, reminders, without getting overwhelmed by 10 notices a day?