Issues with ST Sensors

I have been a member here for almost 6 months. I put together a small network. 1 ST hub, 5 ST sensors, 1 alarm. All was working fine for a few months. Now, 3 of my 5 sensors are no longer providing contact status. They are either Open and report Open whether I close the door or not; or they are Closed and report Closed whether I open the door or not. I have opened and closed all the doors multiples times with no change in reported status. I also do not believe the reported battery status of any of the 5 sensors since two of the went to 66% within days of installation and subsequently went to 77% and the other 3 are still reporting 100% battery status. I think the only thing that is still working is the temperature reporting. I believe I have a 60% failure rate of the sensors within 6 months. I reported this to ST Support on Monday, July 27th with no response, yet.

The battery status is misleading. ST only reports the battery at intervals. There were a few posts floating around with people complaining about that.

I had the same issue. I had two fail. They always showed open. I went through steps with ST support to troubleshoot the issue. Nothing worked. The ST staff was kind enough to replace the two sensors for me.

ST staff is top notch. I couldn’t ask for better support from a company. Some of their sensors are a little higher than similar sensors like PEQ, but I am will to pay extra for the support they offer. I backed them on Kickstarter, and I was a little concerned when Samsung purchased the company. However, it seems like nothing has changed.

Brian, that is good to hear. Well, I sent them an e-mail on Monday - I have not heard from them yet!

We followed up right after your first ticket - sorry for the confusion! Can you check your spam folder? If you can’t find it send me a PM.