Looking to replace problematic August lock

Hi everybody,

I have an August Pro V3 w/BT keypad & WiFi bridge and it decided to start “siipping” so when you turn it does not unlock/lock the deadbolt, even after a mechanical reset. Very frustrating so I reinstalled the “manual” deadbolt lock so we don’t lock ourselves out of the house. It’s not the 1st time we have issues with the August unit - maybe we got a finnicky one but time to move on I think.

So I think I decided to swap this thing out and looking for a replacement, planning to change the door handle as well so let’s go full out and do this right with a single-look kit/design.

Am running SmartThings as my hub, so I can use ZWave or Zigbee (or WiFi!) devices. What’s the brand/model(s) out there which work best (and wives love)? Am in Canada so it gets cold, was looking at the Weiser fingerprint Halo Touch and seems a no go at -20’C or below.