Dumping August looking for alternative

Hey everybody,

After 6+ months, my wife decided that August did not make the cut, so I need to replace it. She did not like the experience as a whole, we had a bunch of issues (WiFi bridge is iffish, sometimes door would not open, etc.). Originally got August as based on my readings/research, it seemed like the best on the market.

So am looking at a new smartlock and while at it, will replace the door handle at the same time, it is time for it to go into retirement. Also looking for more of an “all-in-one” solution where the keypad is integrated into the keyholething, ease of use & reliability are key.

One thing that threw visitors off with the August, is the fact that … they’ve never seen such a contraption before, would not know how to unlock the door intuitively or would simply disalign it so I’d need to calibrate it or ppl would get locked out of the house.

Am eyeing Schlage, Kwik & Weiser right now, better odds for the all-in-one really. Plus is Z-Wave worth it these days? Now that Amazon is focused on ZIgBee, is it worth investing in such tech in devices?

Looking for a win & happy wife - many thanks!


100% a fan of Schlage connect. I have three of them, and use RBoy to manage them. Elegant solution and works well. That or Yale, those are the only two I would put in my home. I went with Schlage because I had options that fit the look of the rest of my locks and it has an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 rating (depending on how you install it - requires the additional reinforced strike plate hardware and LOOOOONG screws into the doorjamb)

There are some troubles people have with this lock.

  • It’s a MASSIVE pain to get paired sometimes. The special security features of the lock wont let it include unless it’s RIGHT NEXT to the hub. I have a 25’ network cord just for this purpose so I can temporarily move my hub to the lock rather than uninstalling the lock body.
  • They work best when there’s ZERO friction in the lock closure: Make sure you take the time to adjust the bolt in the strike plate so it moves smoothly or it will EAT batteries.
  • Some people have experienced these devices ‘thinking’ they’re already included when they try to join, so Factory Reset and Exclude the device before attempting to join it EVEN if it’s new in box.

My typical flow when I work with one of these:
Open Box, Rekey as necessary (these are dead simple to rekey if you have the tools / tumblers), Install and adjust lock hardware, Move hub, punch in factory reset code on lock, run initial setup routine on lock. Run EXCLUDE procedure with lock and hub. Reboot hub (yes reboot hub) THEN try to include lock. With that I get over a 98% first attempt join. I can do it in 20 minutes flat now. :slight_smile:


Kwikset is a budget brand and for most models ranked a class lower than Yale or Schlage on the independent security ratings. Mostly because some of the interior parts are plastic, probably to bring the cost down, where Yale and Schlage use metal. So most locksmith blogs will not recommend Kwikset, although they are still popular with those who are very price sensitive.

Personally I like both Yale and Schlage.

As far as zwave, remember that Amazon owns ring, and ring security uses the latest and greatest Z wave (Series 700, S2 security). So I think it’ll be around for a while. The biggest advantage of Zwave is that Wi-Fi doesn’t interfere with it, so you usually get good communications.

But different things work for different people. :sunglasses:


I can recommend Yale smart keyless locks (conexis L1) with the zwave2 module, works perfectly with Smartthings and there are some custom DTH that enhance configuration of the lock.

You can in parallel use Bluetooth from your phone to configure and unlock, to and also programmable tags and keycards.

My wife loves the lock, and sometimes when she has forgotten her keys inside the house, she gets out her phone and unlocks via Bluetooth. Win—win!


Cant go wrong with Kwikset… I have two, 910s
…one zigbee and one zwave and both hsve been rock solid for years

I have the Ultion Smartlock here in the UK - which is in fact a Danalock that Ultion build into their handle/lock hardware.

The Danalock works well with Smartthings, mobile phone and whilst the keypad is not integrated in the lock it is bluetooth connected so can be anywhere close by.

Works really well, but may not suit all regions depending on your physical lock type.


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I have 4 Schlage Connects on my house, they have been on ST’s for 6 years no issues. They are still on the V1 Hub.

Disclaimer - I work for Schlage :slight_smile:



Can the Escutcheon version replace a 40mm nightlatch?

Not sure - I have the full version with handle set.