August Lock Adding Z-Wave Support - Works with SmartThings?

Think these will work with SmartThings? I hate that I’ve already got 4 of the BT-only models. Would be nice if there was some sort of trade-in model.


That would be awesome, still debating which smart lock to get (i cant change the look of my exterior lock due to condo management reason)

This is the first I’m seeing this, but I’ll see if we can get some of these for testing when they’re available. Generally speaking, we support all Z-Wave Locks with the default Device Type Handle. I don’t know why this would be different.


The announcement said the new zwave August device was only going to be available through the August pro channel. I believe Aartech (Canada) is one of the pro channel distributors, maybe they can find out if this product is expected to be compatible with SmartThings and other certified Z wave controllers or if there’s some customized twist to it.


Fall 2017. Cant wait
Wonder how much it would cost extra lol

Checked with our rep and they don’t have any information to share yet. Companies often announce at the big trade shows but real product & pricing doesn’t start flowing until later. We’re looking forward to more info as it becomes available.

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I’m glad to read that August is adding models with Z-wave built in. Although this adds another lock to choose from, I struggle to see the advantages to the August lock in most circumstances.

The August lock doesn’t really save you any money by reusing your existing deadbolt and key. It also doesn’t add keyless pin-pad entry for guests without an additional accessory. The August lock only makes sense in instances where you cannot/do not want to change the exterior appearance of the lock. Otherwise a keypad Z-wave lock provides most of the same features for less money.

Sure, but there are many people who don’t want to change the exterior look of their door for any of several reasons. They may not be allowed to if they’re in an apartment or condo. They may not want to draw attention to the fact that it’s a smart lock. They may just have aesthetic preferences for the lock they have. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


Would the ZWave version include BT?

I’m one of those. My lock is likely the original lock from 1931. I’m still looking for the right way to automate it.

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In my most recent communication with my August rep, as documented here August Home Automation Update he seemed to indicate that the August Z-wave Pro will be released before the end of the year. My guess is it’s release is imminent.


So these August Pro locks have hit the streets - and I’m really interested in getting one to replace my Gen 2, since the BLE connection is frankly for crap on it. Has there been any update on whether these will be SmartThings compatible? I don’t see the ST logo anywhere on August’s marketing materials, but I don’t know if they just haven’t gotten certified yet, or if it’s really a closed product with no intention of enabling that integration.

Hi, i have read that the pro is compatible with smarthings

The lock is also Z-Wave enabled, and paired effortlessly with my Samsung SmartThings automation hub as well as within our Alexa and Google Home ecosystems.

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Thanks - taking this conversation to the thread you linked. Much appreciated!

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I’m happy to share a new community device handler with door sensor support for August Smart Lock Pro. Please feel free to contribute with suggestions and pull requests