Looking to automate wall islandaire AC unit

Hello! I moved into a new apartment and it has in-wall AC/heater units. As you can see from the photos, it does not appear controllable with any IR based units I’ve seen before. Does anyone have any recommendations?? Thanks!!

Those are designed to work with thermostats, not handheld remote controls.

Is there an associated thermostat somewhere in the unit?

I recently picked back up this project and have started doing additional research.

It appears my unit is an Islandaire EZ Series GS unit and does support thermostats. What is not clear, is where the connectors are for the thermostat and if someone offers cables to connect it to common thermostats.

I’ve seen some individuals do it with a Nest but I’m not sure I am adventurous enough to create my own cables for this… especially considering it is a gas heating/electric cooling unit!

I’ve attached some photos for reference.

Most likely you will need a licensed contractor to add a thermostat because it is legally a gas furnace. It depends on exactly where you live, though.