New to ST and have a question about controlling lights on a schedule

Hello! I used an ISY994iZ for a few years but we just moved in a new house we built and I’m planning on using the ST hub and already have it connected to my wifi.

My question is…I’d like to control my outdoor lights (all have indoor light switches) such as front porch lights, flood lights, etc. I’d like the hub to turn them on at 1 hour past sunset then turn them off at 1AM. Can this be done with the ST hub and Z-Wave light switches, ie. GE Z-Wave plus light switch? Since sunset changes will the ST hub automatically change the light on time?

If it can be done, how would I do this?


You can use Smart Lighting to accomplish your task.

Sunset and sunrise are adjusted.

Z-wave plus or z-wave - either will work. There are many brands to choose from. There are also non-z-wave switches such as Lutron (which requires a lutron smart bridge).

If you haven’t done so already, set the location on your hub.

Any last advice, use the SmartThings Classic app :slight_smile: